20 The Most Interesting Inventions

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The brilliant inventions of our time could not have been created if discoveries had not been made in BC. By chance, people were able to invent things that are not considered special nowadays but used to be revolutionary breakthroughs. The general concept and history of the inventions can be found at britannica, and this review will showcase 20 of the greatest and just simply interesting inventions.

Important Things Invented BC

We often do not think much about the importance of certain things because they have long been familiar to us. However, they are the basis of the rapidly progressing development of mankind.

Invention Description
Wheel It was invented in Mesopotamia or Europe. It is of undeniable importance. Progress in mechanics and transportation began with it.
Nail The first prototypes of the modern pointed rod were created from fish bones, plants, and wood. Bronze and iron nails later appeared. Until the 20th century, the indispensable tool in the household was made by hand.
Soap It replaced ash and fine river sand – these were the substances used by the Greeks and Egyptians to cleanse their skin. The first soap consisted of a mixture of fat and ash. It is believed that it could have been created in what is now France or in Mesopotamia.
Sewerage  A structure that greatly improved sanitary conditions in cities. It was not used in the Middle Ages, but later after devastating epidemics, many European cities began to build new modern sewers.
Compass The invention of this compact device was a turning point for seafaring. The compass helped navigate deserts and make geographic discoveries.
Paper According to Oriental chronicles, paper made of tree bark was presented to the emperor in 105 B.C. Earlier bamboo plates were used instead.

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Inventions by Creative People

The ideas of creative people are sometimes very impressive because they generate something really unique:

  1. A shopping cart with a mechanism for reading the customer’s mind. It sounds unbelievable but this product has been successfully tested. At the very beginning of operating the cart, a person sends a message to the built-in computer. This helps the device understand exactly what the customer came to the store for. The innovative technology helps the customer find the products provided in the list.
  2. Soft robots. It has long been a well-known fact that contact with pets makes people happier and normalizes blood pressure. Taking advantage of these benefits is sometimes not possible because of allergies, long business trips, or household problems. The lump of smart faux fur helps to avoid the hassle of caring for pets and increases endorphins. It is tactile and pleasant and can mimic the reactions of animals through built-in sensors.
  3. In 1898, a unique slot machine appeared in the world. It automatically paid out a winning if there was a chain of three pictures on the display. Now rare slot machines are difficult to find, but you still can play  777 slot games online.
  4. A screen for an upright posture. The Philips monitor tracks your body position via a camera to tell you when it’s best to lean back and straighten your back, or your neck. This helps you maintain a comfortable body posture without compromising your health.
  5. Underwear with analytical capabilities. The invention is designed for coaches and athletes. Sensors are built into the fabric, collecting data on the condition of the gluteal muscles, tendons under the knees, and quadriceps muscles of the thigh. The received data is to be sent to a computer for further analysis.

Unexpected inventions of mankind are created by ordinary people whose heads combine functional ideas and creative ways to implement them. Previously, underwear solely protected delicate areas but now it can be used to control the state of the muscular system. Once the first physical slot machine was a breakthrough in gambling but now there are online free slots with bonus feature, that can even be accessed from home.

Interesting Inventions of the 21st Century

Everywhere in the world you can find people who make the world move forward. We are talking about talented inventors who use unconventional thinking for the benefit of humanity. Innovators offer the public innovative technologies that make life easier than ever before.

Where would we be without inventors? They are the ones who move the world forward! Their unconventional ways of thinking and unusual view of what is going on around them contribute to the development of new technologies that make people’s lives easier. Here is a list of amazing inventions of the XXI century:

  • hadron collider is charged particle accelerator;
  • robots for performing complex surgical interventions – mass production has started;
  • Virtual reality technology – you can read details at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_reality;
  • realistic bionic prostheses that respond to impulses;
  • high-tech device capable of replacing the heart;
  • 3D printer to produce three-dimensional models;
  • technology for growing human organs;
  • state-of-the-art smartphones with a wide range of functions;
  • a patch with a contraceptive effect.

The world is constantly evolving, and through this review, you have learned about 20 interesting inventions from different areas of life. Some things have long been well-known, while others are surprising as if they could only exist in fantasy stories and books. Scientific development goes its way, and researchers with unusual thinking do not cease to strive to simplify life for the average person.


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