3rd Parties that Monitor Online Slots Sites? 

3rd Parties that Monitor Online Slots Sites? 
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Online slots need to be monitored by third party sites in order to ensure that there is no cheating going on – read www.easyslots.com/pay-by-mobile-casino. Although this may seem surprising to some players, there are actually official institutions that monitor sites. 

Why do Slot Sites need to be Monitored? 

There are many reasons why an online slot site needs to be monitored, the biggest reason is to protect the players. Online slot gaming can sometimes be very dangerous due to things such as hackers and online thieves, this can lead to important details being stolen such as credit card information alongside names and addresses. 3rd party sites often monitor online casinos to ensure that they are safe for players to use. Another reason why 3rd party sites monitor an online casino is to ensure that there is no cheating. An impartial body is better able to pass judgement on issues of cheating than an online slot site. This helps to stop games from becoming rigged and stops online sites refusing to pay players when they have legitimately won some money. 

Gambling Commission 

One of the biggest 3rd parties which monitors online slot sites is the Gambling Commission. This institution is the main regulatory body in the United Kingdom when it comes to gambling, they work to ensure that players have a safe and transparent experience at casinos. 

  •     The Gambling Commission was first established as a result of the passing of the Gamblig Act in 2005. However it took until 2007 for them to receive full regulatory powers.
  •     It is essentially responsible for regulating many different forms of gambling including betting, slot machines, casinos and lotteries. Due to this, the commission has a wide ranging amount of powers.
  •     They mainly work to ensure that gambling is fair for players, with an emphasis on reducing crime and corruption. They also work to improve the overall standards in the industry and create more awareness of the dangers of gambling.
  •     As well as physical gambling, they are also responsible for regulating online forms of gambling or any other form which takes place on a communications device.

What they do 

As a very prominent organisation, the Gambling Commission performs a variety of duties.

  1. Hand out and revoke license. Perhaps their most well known duty, the commission has the power to fine and even revoke an establishment’s license if they fail to comply with their rules. They are also able to grant new establishments a license.
  2. They also can dictate what sites are allowed to advertise. If they deem that an advertisement campaign appeals to children, they have the power to remove it from circulation. There are even occasions where they have fined developers large amounts of money for having adverts which have cross appeal.  .

Final Thoughts

The Gambling Commission monitors online slot sites to ensure fairness to all players, they make sure that games have not been rigged against players and they can even revoke licenses of establishments who fail to comply.


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