6 Fun Facts About MMA

Mixed martial arts (MMA) have gained popularity only recently, with many people turning to the dojos or the small screens to follow the latest events. Since MMA has become one of the most beloved sports in such a short time, why not find out more about it? And what better way to dig deeper than by learning some fun facts about MMA? 

If you’re one step away from becoming a true mixed martial arts fan, this article will push you in the right direction. Read on to learn many fun facts about MMA that you can later share with your friends. 

Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash

MMA Is Not New

Although many believe that MMA is a new sport, its origins actually date back to ancient China and ancient Greece. The records of people practising a sport similar to mixed martial arts go back to 648 BC. In fact, a sport called pankration is considered the first form of MMA and was even featured at the 33rd Olympics.

However, the 19th century saw the modernisation of this sport and other combat sports. That’s when the MMA we appreciate today started to get its form.

UFC Belt Is Made of Gold

The UFC belt does not only look like it’s made of gold — it actually is. All UFC winners since 2019 have had a chance to put solid gold around their waist. All the more, its worth is estimated at around £250,000. The belt is approximately 50 inches long, and it weighs 5.5 lbs. There are 16 solid brass snaps on the stitched and hand-embossed belt.

David Tank Abbott Guest Starred in Friends

Before becoming one of the best punchers in the UFC, David Tank Abbott was both a biker and a feared brawler. After gaining fame in the world of MMA, the pot-bellied heavyweight appeared in the TV series Friends

If you’re a Friends fan, you probably remember him from the episode where Monica’s boyfriend Pete decides to become an MMA fighter. Naturally, he doesn’t go far, thanks to a surprising knock from Tank Abbott.

Bowles Takes Page in Two Identical Fights

Who would have ever thought that the same two players could have two identical fights? And we’re not just saying that these two fights had the same outcome — it’s so much more than that. 

Namely, Bowles and Page fought each other in one WEC and one UFC match. Bowles stopped Page in both matches, and that wouldn’t be so strange if it didn’t happen at the exact same time. The fighting statistics show that Bowles took only 3 minutes and 30 seconds to triumph in both showdowns. 

Now, that would have been a match with good odds on sportsbet.io

Monson and Velasquez Explored Different Careers 

Before becoming MMA fighters, both Jeff Monson and Cain Velasquez worked in different fields. Interestingly enough, Monson has a Master’s degree in psychology and has previously worked as a child counsellor and in crisis management. Who would have thought that his tattooed muscled anarchist has a softer side?

On the other hand, Cain Velasquez experienced a different career path, where he had to make ends meet by being a bouncer. After working as a bouncer all night, Velasquez would go straight to the gym to practice. He even slept in his car! The hard work definitely paid off, as Velasquez became a UFC champion eventually.

Chuck Norris Inspired the Octagon Cage

Although it might sound strange, Jason Cusson, the MMA art director, got inspiration from a B-rated movie, The Octagon, for the first-ever UFC event. Namely, Cusson was fascinated by Chuck Norris, who played a retired kickboxer. He used the movie’s fighting scenes and Norris’s moves as an inspiration. Later, Cusson admitted that he didn’t even remember how and why he got inspired. What he did recall was that it came from that movie.


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