How to Bet On Esports: A Step By Step Guidance

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Esports is still a new concept to many punters worldwide. Many do not know or understand the game-specific, especially if one is not an e-gamer. It becomes difficult to place a wager on a game you do not understand. But, with the spread of esports gaming information and growth in popularity, more and more people are choosing to bet on esports. The wagering process requires a True Blue casino login, just like other casino login details. 

But, after creating and opening your sports betting account and using the login details, you will have to follow the following step-step guide to bet on esports.

  1. Create an esports betting account.
  2. Select your bet.
  3. Place your wager.
  4. Deposit.
  5. Review and check your bet.

Create an Esports Betting Account

The first step in any betting opportunity is to choose a Sportsbooks/ casino and create an account. The Sportsbooks must meet all the safety and legal criteria set forth for online casinos. It ensures that your investment as a gambler is safe and that the outcomes will be fair. Players should go for sites representing the match or covering the competition before investing!

Create an account with the bookie. A simple click on the Join or Register Button will do the trick. A form will appear with black spaces for your answers. The first step is always the same in every gambling entity online: creating a username, password and filling in a working email. The second step involves answering all private or personal information: your names, addresses, region or residency, the currency of use, and much more. The last step is where you enter your contact information. But, most bookmarkers or Sportsbooks will only confirm the data entered in the last step!

Select Your Bet

Selecting your bet is your second step. It is straightforward but has several important elements to note. The first is that players must know and understand esports on offer before selecting a wager. It helps differentiate between games and teams with profitable prospects and those without. It improves your betting strategy and increases your chances of winning in the wager selected.

Also, one must understand and play around efficiently with the gaming odds on offer. Esports is straightforward, and most bookies will only give odds on who wins the esports competition or the match. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the game due to its simplicity. The odds will be simple!

One more thing that will aid in selecting your bet is knowing the teams. Get the dynamics of each player, analyse and make judgments based on facts. If one is facing several setbacks in a recent match or the past few matches, consider reviewing their stats before picking a bet in their favour. The same goes for new players in the tournament!

Place Your Wager

Sportsbooks have a list of potential bets you can wager during a match or before. Since the esports matches are simple, the bets on offer are also direct. You can either choose a draw, a group winner, a group of winner, a handicap, or an outright winner bet. Like football and other actual sports betting, you also get an over/under bet, a region bet, and a total rounds offer!

Some Sportsbooks have special esports bets that will appear in your betting window. It all depends on the esports game you choose to bet on and when the match commences. Thus, once you choose the wager, a bet slip window will appear. Most Sportsbooks have all the information present there for your select wager. All returns expected from the bet will be present, and all calculations are explicit. Always check the odds before placing your wager or bet. What you need to do now is to submit the wager. After you click on the Submit button, you have successfully placed your wager!


A successful wager will require funds to complete the transaction. Thus, players have to load their gaming accounts with actual or real money. But, before you do so, some Sportsbooks will offer bonuses. You can use the offer to place your bet instead of your real money. A bonus is an important element to any punter, and players must compare offers given with other Sportsbooks before selecting one. It is a consideration to take before creating an account with any bookmaker. Considerations for bonus offer must include the value of the offer, the eligibility terms, and fulfillment conditions.

But, if there is no bonus to accept, you need to deposit it into your account. Choose any of the payment means on offer. Ensure it is secure, convenient for you to use on both withdrawals and deposits, and has lower or no transaction charges. Plus, it must transact in your select currency for convenience. If not, ensure it offers a recognised international currency such as the US dollars. Players mostly use wallets, but bank transfers or digital currencies like bitcoin are also acceptable. Once you submit the bet, a deduction will appear in your account balance of the amount spent. The balance is often found at the top middle or corner, either right or left of your Sportsbooks account!

Check Your Bet

After the match or competition is over, you will want to check on your bet for results. Players tend to use online betting platforms as they offer more profit if you win, fair competitions, and a competitive and fun betting platform. Therefore, whether one becomes a winner or not, one has had fun betting or streaming the match live through the Sportsbooks and learned more about the match!

To check whether you got a win, go to your bets section of the Sportsbooks. Every wager placed is present there. Whether a win or a loss, every outcome will also be present; every win will appear on your account balance. An increment of the said winnings will appear once you log into your account. Therefore, you can keep track of your wagers and winnings for future references!


The above steps provide a comprehensive answer on how to bet on esports. The steps are more detailed, giving tips and more information on what to consider before taking that step. Always remember to adjust your gaming or bet to meet these specific steps. It will be easy for new or novice players to place a bet on esports with the information provided!


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