Matt Brown Believes Conor McGregor’s Situation is Pretty Obvious

The return of Conor McGregor to the UFC remains uncertain, with UFC welterweight Matt Brown suggesting that McGregor’s amassed wealth and the brutal nature of the sport may deter him from fighting again.

The mystery of Conor McGregor’s UFC return continues. No one seems to know when, or even if, he’ll step into the ring again.

Just this past weekend, UFC CEO Dana White spoke at UFC 298. He addressed the ongoing delays in McGregor’s return, which started with a broken leg during his last fight against Dustin Poirier in 2021. But the complications don’t stop there.

McGregor’s amassed fortune has added to the complexities. White praised McGregor, calling him an incredible business partner. He also said that UFC always loves when McGregor competes. However, White pointed out that “money complicates a lot of things.” And he wasn’t talking about McGregor’s paycheck for his next fight.

UFC welterweight Matt Brown has been vocal about his belief. He thinks McGregor will never fight again. The recent delays have only strengthened his conviction.

Brown spoke about McGregor on the latest episode of “The Fighter vs. The Writer.” He said, “It’s pretty obvious. The dude’s got hundreds of millions in the bank. Would you fight if you had hundreds of millions in the bank?”

He praised McGregor for his past achievements. “He was an amazing fighter,” Brown said. But he doesn’t see McGregor ever getting back to a title. He believes the only reason McGregor would come back is his ego. He doesn’t need the money. He’s not going to get a belt again, and he knows that. So, Brown wonders, what’s the point of coming back and fighting?

There have been arguments that high-profile athletes in other sports continue to compete despite their wealth. LeBron James, at 39, is still seeking another NBA title with a reported net worth at $1 billion. Floyd Mayweather continues boxing even though he already had hundreds of millions in the bank.

So, what’s different for McGregor? Brown doesn’t think comparing him with LeBron James makes sense. “Basketball’s a fun sport. Fighting isn’t fun,” he explained. He loves fighting, but it’s not fun. It’s a brutal sport.

Mayweather is taking a risk with his fights because boxing can be a dangerous sport, much like MMA. But Brown says there’s a huge difference when compared to McGregor. Mayweather earns surpasses McGregor by a wide margin, so the risk has been worth the reward.

Brown pointed out one major difference: “Floyd is the promoter.” McGregor might come back and fight for $10, $15, $20 million. Floyd can come back and fight and he’s making $100 million. Plus, McGregor would be fighting young, hungry lions in the UFC. Floyd, on the other hand, never took gigantic risks with his career.

Every fight in the UFC is a risk, especially at McGregor’s level. He can’t come back and fight a Marcos Maidana level guy. He can’t come back and fight an Arturo Gatti level guy and make that kind of money. Floyd can come back and fight just about anybody like an Andre Berto. That’s not a huge risk for Floyd Mayweather.

As much influence as McGregor has with the UFC, Brown knows the former two-division champ doesn’t have as much power as Mayweather does as his own promoter. And that makes a huge difference.

Mayweather sets the table, invites the guests, and decides when and what is being served. McGregor, on the other hand, is still ultimately a guest at the UFC’s banquet, no matter how much starpower he maintains and how much money he earns at the end of the day.

Brown concluded, “Mayweather’s the promoter and he picks the fight.” If McGregor comes back to the UFC, he might have some say in who he can pick, but it’s the UFC. There are no easy picks. If you’re a name in the UFC, you’re a savage.

“In boxing, no one really knew who Andre Berto was — [Floyd Mayweather] can come back and fight him, make $100 million. He’s the promoter, he picks the fight, he promotes the fight, he promotes himself and makes $100 million selling drinks and tickets and everything. He makes $100 million for an easier fight for Floyd. Conor doesn’t have that luxury.”

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