Paddy Pimblett Criticizes Tony Ferguson’s Collaboration with David Goggins

Paddy Pimblett believes it is pointless for Tony Ferguson to work with David Goggins ahead of their upcoming UFC matchup, as he thinks Ferguson’s mental state and cardio are not the issues contributing to his recent losses, but rather his age, athleticism, and physical condition.

Paddy Pimblett is set to face Tony Ferguson at UFC 296 but is puzzled by Ferguson’s decision to work with David Goggins ahead of their matchup. Pimblett questions the necessity of Goggins’ assistance, stating, “I don’t understand why he’s done it.” He points out that Ferguson has always been mentally strong and has never had issues with his cardio.

Ferguson, once a top lightweight, has struggled in his recent fights, losing all six since May 2020. Pimblett, on the other hand, is riding a six-fight win streak, including a controversial decision win over Jared Gordon. The stark contrast in their recent performances has Pimblett wondering about the purpose of Ferguson’s collaboration with Goggins.
Pimblett speculates that Ferguson’s decision to work with Goggins may be due to a perceived decline in his mental state. However, he believes that Ferguson’s losses are primarily due to aging and a decrease in athleticism. Pimblett attributes Ferguson’s career-altering beatdown from Justin Gaethje and knockout by Michael Chandler as key factors in the decline of his performance.

In Pimblett’s view, Ferguson’s struggles are not due to mental weakness but rather to the physical toll his body has taken over the years. Despite Ferguson’s efforts to improve his mental toughness with Goggins, Pimblett doubts it will significantly impact his performance in the octagon.


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