Stress Relief Methods of MMA Fighters

Stress Relief Methods of MMA Fighters
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We are living busy lives in a busy world. People work all the time, often pushing themselves to the limits. Stress builds up, and we often don’t recognize the signs the body sends. People start listening when it’s too late, and they burn out. It’s crucial that we take care of ourselves and don’t take stress lightly. Athletes know this, especially MMA fighters, and do all they can to relieve stress. It’s not good for them and their career to let stress build up. We can’t imagine the amount of pressure before and after a big fight. We figured they have the best ways and methods to relieve stress, so that’s what you’ll learn about here.

Read on, and hopefully, you’ll feel the stress leaving your body just by reading about relaxing.

Casual Dating

All that stress must and needs to go out. Couples turn to their partners. And singles indulge in casual dating. One night of sweating under the sheets can do wonders for our minds and bodies. When trying to find a hookup, some MMA fighters turn to online platforms because it lets them incorporate dating into their busy schedules.

Being a member of a good platform for sex dating online with all the latest features enables them to satisfy their needs without skipping training sessions. Fighters have fun with local singles on encrypted video chat before meeting in person, as everyone does nowadays. And thanks to advanced filters finding matches doesn’t take that long.

Massage Session

Before a big match, MMA fighters have to practice, of course. But they know that being stress-free is a big part of their preparation. Some want a relaxing massage with music and herbal scent. Just imagining being on a massage relaxes our bodies. Imagine actually being on a massage table.

Some fighters want a rough massage that wakes and shakes their whole bodies. Some people enjoy a gentle massage. And they often end them with a cold shower or a cold swim. For those people, that’s the best stress relief.

Stress and tiredness also build up after the fight. Once the hype is over, fighters want to relax and let go of everything on their minds. Massage sessions are easily accessible and affordable for most of us. That’s why so many people use them as a stress relief.


Meditation is recognized as one of the most potent tools to fight stress. Being bombarded with interviews, shooting promo materials, face-offs, and intense training can leave a mark on MMA fighters. When they feel overwhelmed and like they can’t stand it anymore, they must close their eyes and clear their minds. It sounds easier than it is – meditation is a journey that requires your full engagement. But, when we’re talking about meditation as stress relief, being mindful and in peace can do wonders. A few minutes a day helps fighters to stay peaceful. 

Meditation can be guided or done alone, with music in the background or in complete silence. Variations are numerous. You need to find your cup of tea.

Stroll in a Countryside

Nothing relaxes our souls like a walk in a calming scenery. The countryside is a place to go (and be) for many people, including MMA fighters. One can feel like time stands still during a stroll in the countryside.

All you can hear is silence interrupted by birds’ songs and leaves. People who live there don’t seem bothered by modern world drama. No wonder fighters choose the countryside as their place for a retreat where they can charge their batteries after huge events such as UFC 280.

Taking a stroll is the easiest way for any of us to recharge and become stress-free. It doesn’t have to be the countryside. Soley being outside in nature is a blessing for the body and mind.

Some Deal with Stress Through Extreme Sports

Some fighters deal with stress with extreme sports. Cowboy Cerrone is the perfect example.

He dealt with stress by putting himself in pretty dangerous situations. In 2006, Cerrone was riding an ATV over a jump when he fell and landed with his stomach on the ATV’s handlebars. After this grotesque accident, he was left disemboweled and was resurrected three times. In 2013 he had been seen rock climbing, and UFC President Dana White prohibited Cerrone from dangerous actions outside the Octagon. The list goes on – he was in a boat accident, a hunting accident, and he had a scuba-diving incident. For him, adrenaline is the best way to let go of stress.

Whatever method you choose, be sure it resonates with you and your needs. Maybe you’ll relax better with a good book or a bottle of wine. Just keep in mind that stress is not something to ignore. Take care of your body and your mind.


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