Top Interesting MMA Facts You Would Want to Know

Top Interesting MMA Facts You Would Want to Know
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MMA, which stands for mixed martial arts, has come a long way. After all, history is witness to some of the biggest MMA matches across the globe. From Brazilian and Greek to even Japanese culture, there are various fighting styles. Until recently, when MMA gained huge popularity with the inception of UFC. Seldom will you come across an individual who hasn’t heard of MMA before. 

The feud between Conor McGregor and Khabib gave a much-needed highlight to this sport. So if you have been hunting for some incredible facts on MMA, you’ve come to the right spot. Below, we have mentioned some of them:

  • Zuffa Purchase UFC

Contrary to popular belief, Zuffa purchased the UFC for $2 million. For your information, Zuffa is the owner of UFC and acquired the organization in 2001. However, they recently sold it for as high as $4.2 billion back in 2016. This is a lesser-known fact that never got to shine in the media limelight. 

  • Anderson Silva’s Record

Often acknowledged as the best In the world, Anderson Silva still holds the distinction for the most known outs in the Octagon. No wonder his work has always been published in the books of history, and he continues to enjoy this record. 

  • Tank Abbott Debuted in Friends

If you have seen the episode “The one with the ultimate fighting champion” and doubted Tank Abbott, you were right. He appeared as a guest star on the show with the director Jon Favreau himself. No wonder he made a stunning debut and is still remembered. 

  • MMA is Discussed in Casinos

If you think casinos are far away from the discussion of MMA and other fighting sports, you’re wrong. Search for the best online casino, and all your doubts will come true. People like to bet on sports, and MMA is no exception to the list. 

  • Tito Ortiz’s Real Name is Different

For your information, Tim Ortiz’s real name is Jacob Christopher Ortiz. If you don’t know, he was a heavyweight champion in the UFC light. He will always remain in the history of the UFC. At least for as long as people can remember. 

  • Abu Dhabi Has Stake in UFC

The Arabs have always been known for having a stake in every industry globally. So this time again, Abu Dhabi bought a 10% stake in the UFC, and they continue to hold their shares with pride. They even went for resale In 2016. 

  • The Octagon Has an Inspiration

There’s no denying that the Octagon has always been a constant in UFC fights. It was created by Jason Cusson and inspired by the 1980s film “The Octagon.” So if you have seen the movie before, you would have witnessed the resonation. 

  • New York Banned UFC for Many Years

Although New York has always been known for its cosmopolitan nature, it banned the UFC for many years. Luckily,  back in 2016 was when Governor Cuomo decided to lift the ban. 

  • UFC is Based on the WWE Business Model

While UFC isn’t responsible for the outcomes of fights like WWE, many people have vocalized their opinion about UFC copying the WWE Format. In fact, even Brock Lesnar has been of the same opinion for many years. 

  • The UFC Belt is All Gold

The coveted UFC belt of UFC has always been of immense importance for the winners. And it has always held immense importance for the fighters since it is made of gold and worth $333,000.Thus, it’s everyone’s dream to win this belt. 

  • MMA is Hugely Popular

As explained earlier, MMA has garnered a massive reputation across the globe. And rightly so, since fighting has always been an amazing sport to showcase strength. Thus, the popularity of MMA knows no bounds. Even if you search for roulette online Australia, you will find a lot of people discussing and betting on their favorite champions. 

  • UFC was Going to Have Alligators

The original format of the UFC was all about big thinking. And one of their amazing ideas was to have alligators thrashing inside the ring, surrounding the fighters. However, this idea was shelved when several people raised security concerns for the professionals. Even the idea of having a moat around was strongly condemned by professionals. 


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