Why are your YouTube videos Getting So Few Views

Why are your YouTube videos Getting So Few Views
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YouTube is a video hosting that has appeared for a long time and now a huge number of videos appear on it every day. Many bloggers make money by publishing their content on this platform and make blogging their main method of earning money.

In such conditions, beginners have to work for a long time in vain before they gain their first audience and are able to demonstrate their creativity to a large number of users. Often, in order to get even a little fame, they are forced to order advertising and buy YouTube views for their videos, and without this, no one sees their content.

Today we will try to figure out why your videos do not gain a lot of views and how you can fix it.

Lack of trending content

Most likely you know that in 2022 one of the main rules for success is to catch the hype wave and make trending content. It’s quite simple because to shoot such a video, you just need to look at what your colleagues and competitors are doing on this topic and try to repeat (but not copy, because users value uniqueness).

Examples of such works can be videos with popular memes and news, discussions on a topic that is relevant all over the world or in the country (social, political or something from the world of show business) or participation in a challenge. All this will allow you to get closer to the audience. As a rule, such videos quickly spread throughout society and their authors do not have to buy YouTube views for them.

The platform does not show new content in the feed

YouTube algorithms are now working in such a way that not all new content appears in the feed of channel subscribers. For this reason, they may not see new videos for weeks or months, and then simply unsubscribe because they do not need a channel that they have long stopped watching.

The solution to this problem is quite simple: in each video, remind users to turn on notifications for your updates. If they do this, then you will get a guarantee that at least your regular viewers will watch your videos regularly.

Unattractive cover and title

If you look at the visuals of the most popular channels, you will notice that the title of each video contains a clickbait that encourages the user to watch the content. The title and cover should attract attention as much as possible and evoke any emotions: curiosity, fear, laughter, surprise, and so on.

Do not write the entire title in capital letters, but be sure to highlight some words with them to emphasize. If it is difficult for you to come up with something interesting and surprising, then invite a specialist to cooperate, and he will help you.


YouTube is a large platform on which many people around the world are trying to gain popularity. In a competitive environment, this is difficult to do, so if you want to succeed there, then you need to analyze all the reasons why your videos are gaining few views and try to solve these problems.


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