Woodley: I’m Hungry To Get Back To The Top


Tyron Woodley returns to the octagon on March 21st in London against the hometown’s favorite Leon Edwards. Woodley last fought at UFC 235 in March of 2019 in a very disappointing performance.

Prior to losing the welterweight title Woodley was one of the best fighters on the planet and building a legacy. He defended the welterweight belt 4 times and was unbeaten in 7 straight fights.

In a move to refocus him, Woodley has been training in Thailand for the past few weeks.

“I wanted to get myself away from distractions. Everything that did not allow me to be mentally present. I was physically present last fight but anyone who knows me knows I wasn’t mentally present”.

“I did Family Feud, Hawaii 5-0, some personal stuff in my life. I’ve always been built to do many things in my life. I’m not trying to make any excuses”.

When I’m out here I haven’t had a  phone call in 2 weeks. It was something I needed. I lost 15lbs and my cardio is amazing”.

Woodley also seems to have taken the bout with Leon Edward personally. Even more personal than before the Darren Till fight when Woodley had many doubters thinking he couldn’t”.

“He’s going to get f***** up. I don’t think he’s done his research on me. He had a chance to ask to fight me after he defeated Dos Anjos but he didn’t. Now his mood has totally changed with all this talking”.

The Welterweight division is wide open at the moment. Woodley is currently the #1 contender. Even with a win against Edwards, Woodley doesn’t believe he will get a title shot immediately even though that past champions have got rematches.

“How does my deck of cards look different when I defended my world title 4 times? I can cry over spilled milk or I can play my decks of cards. I just need to win. When I win everything else will fall into place.”

“My legacy is going to be greater when I walk away then when I’m fighting. I like where I’m at”.



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