Five Greatest Canadian MMA Fighters

It’s no wonder why people love Mixed Martial Arts. Fewer rules, full-on contact, and more robust fighters are enough to give spectators a massive adrenaline flow. This is one of the fastest growing sports across the globe. Yet, the Canadian government refused to legalize it for quite some time. 

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, prize fights were prohibited on a federal level. In 2013, Canada finally passed legislation that allowed its citizens to enjoy MMA events. Nothing could stop the thrill that started at that moment. 

The history of MMA fighting in Canada may be brief, but the sport was popular enough to produce real stars. Let’s make a top list: who are the greatest Canadian MMA fighters of all time?

  • George St-Pierre

When he first appeared, he was seen as “the pretty boy of MMA.” It didn’t take too long for him to impress. The 5-round fight with Josh Koscheck in 2011 is one of the highlights in his career. Fans and pros see St-Pierre as one of the best fighters not only in Canada, but in the entire MMA history as well. 

In a recent interview, St-Pierre said he never enjoyed fighting, but he loved winning. He won the UFC Welterweight Champion title three times. 

  • Tanner Boser

If you’re looking for sports betting options at online casinos in Canada, search for this name. The Bulldozer is super-powerful and shows no mercy for his opponents. Boser has already won the Unified MMA Heavyweight Championship twice. 

After a two-fight losing streak this summer, he bounced back with a heavy knockout over Ovince Saint Preux. 

  • Carlos Newton

Not many MMA fighters have been granted the permission to compete in both Pride FC and UFC at the same time. Newton was one of them. He earned respect as one of the pioneers in the sport. He combined his black-belt-level Jiu-Jitsu skills with boxing, wrestling, and judo. He had a unique style that made him a legend among MMA fans.

After his retirement as a fighter, Newton stayed in the sport as a coach. 

  • Rory MacDonald

MacDonald is one of the most productive fighters in MMA history. He has been active for 17 years (since 2005). He has won numerous fights under the Canadian flag, and he shows no signs of slowing down.    

Fans will never forget his title fight with Robbie Lawler. Although he lost the match, MacDonald earned respect for his skills and stamina. 

  • Mark Hominick

When fighters bring classic boxing skills into MMA, they deserve our attention. Mark Hominick became recognized for his punching technique as soon as he appeared (in 2006). He had many impressive fights, but the one against Jose Aldo stands out. Hominick lost it by a decision from the judges, but everyone agreed that Aldo had one of the toughest days in his career. 

MMA is still a controversial sport. In 2010, a group of Canadian doctors asked the government to ban it. But once the lawmakers liberalized it, there was no going back. The mania was launched. Spectators enjoy the thrill, and the fighters got an opportunity to show all their skills in fights with minimal limitations. 


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