WATCH: TJ Dillashaw Addresses Failed Drug Test, Suspension In Video Statement

TJ Dillashaw vacated the UFC bantamweight title when he first acknowledged an issue with a recent drug test administered by the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) on behalf of the U.S. Anti Doping Agency (USADA).

That was the last he had publicly commented on the situation, until now.

On Friday, April 12, Dillashaw issued a video statement on social media regarding his failed drug test for EPO and the two-year suspension handed down by USADA.

In the statement, Dillashaw seemingly admitted to taking the substance while claiming that he will return and expressing his regret.

“I messed up,” Dillashaw said. “I’m having a hard time trying to forgive myself for this, which I should have a hard time. i should have a hard time forgiving myself. I understand the criticism and the scrutiny coming my way.

“This won’t be the end of me, I’ll be back. I’m making you the promise right now that I’ll be back better, be back stronger. And I’ll prove that the hard work I put in got me where I’m at and not the bad decision that I made. All I can do to redeem myself is work hard.”

The full statement can be seen below.

Dillashaw is eligible to return to competition in January 2021.



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