3 Greatest MMA Matches Where Bookmakers Got The Odds All Wrong 

3 Greatest MMA Matches Where Bookmakers Got The Odds All Wrong 
Photo by Paul IJsendoorn from Pexels

Professional fighting is an unpredictable sport which makes it so interesting to watch or cheer for an underdog, and MMA events proved this more than once. You can say that bookmakers’ predictions do not depict the real strength ratio between fighters but are more a reflection of some general opinion about who is going to win. All odds are generated by gamblers who invest their cash in their fighter and bookmakers are trying to even those odds for making the most of their profit. Sometimes, bookmakers are very skillful in manipulating bettors into supporting any underdog through match promotion and social media. That is one perfect situation for every online casino as the match result that comes as an upset makes them a lot of money, and MMA is a pure gold mine.

Khabib vs. McGregor

We all anxiously anticipated this clash of titans back in 2018 when coronavirus did not exist and live matches were still a spectacle to watch and enjoy. Although Kabib was one of the most prominent fighters, he was shadowed by loud and boisterous Mcgregor who convinced everybody that he would annihilate the Russian fighter. Even the bettors from the UK favored Conor to win in spite of predictions made by those who really knew this sport. This was a championship belt fight and not some slot game with a free bonus deal, and people all over the world invested millions, mostly supporting Mcgregor. Needless to say, they made one big mistake.

Mcgregor held his ground for three rounds but Kabib did his signature chokehold and shook this world that night as everyone stood amazed. Well, not everyone, just the ones who choose to bet on Conor to win. They might have found some consolation after this match by playing some 20 free spins no deposit slots because that is all one can do to make himself feel better after a bad beat. We just hope they found the best online casino with a good review, perhaps more reliable than those bookies who made them put all their cash on Mcgregor. Despite this upset, it was still one very good fight.

McGregor vs. Diaz Part One

Another epic fight, yet another epic loss for the Notorious despite him throwing much more punches or being dominant through most of this fight. Again, it all ended with a choke by a ferocious Diaz who never quit until his last breath, although odds to win were not in his favor. Once again, loud Conor was made a favorite, and once again his big mouth had cost him his win, but that is Notorious, and we love him for his style and verbosity. This fight got a unanimous great review by fans worldwide, who demanded their rematch right away. Their wish was granted only a few months later when in August 2016 McGregor took his revenge and won by a split decision. 

Ronda Rousey VS Holly Holm

Even some ladies can put up a good fight these days, and no one does it better than Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm. Back in 2015, Ronda was the queen of women’s MMA, an undisputed champion with no one to match her skills. That made her a little boisterous in and out of the ring, and she disrespected Holm for a long time before the showdown. Ronda was our huge favorite, very popular among US and UK fans, so the odds to win were very much in her favor. Then came that leg kick by Holm that sent Ronda to the canvas just like in a Mortal Kombat video game, but this was one Fatality happening live, from which Ronda never fully recovered.

Upsets in sports happen all the time and we love them as they bring change, new champions, new rivalries, or just good old fun. Watching MMA matches is exciting but shocking defeats or underdog wins are what makes every fight night interesting regardless of who is your favorite fighter. Some folks may prefer to gamble their money on roulette or some slot spins but even those who enjoy classic casino games will never say no to a good fight night. Luckily, MMA events always bring great fun with characters like Kabib, Nate Diaz, or the Notorious himself, and we cannot help but place one small bet on once in a while. We are sure that more unpredictable matches await us in the future so if you are planning on betting, trust your own judgment rather than your bookmaker’s predictions. 


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