5 Tips For Faster Recovery After An MMA Fight

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MMA fights are not for the faint-hearted. Depending on the fight, and your opponent, MMA fights can be nothing short of brutal. That is all part of the sport; you know from the start that you will end up bruised and battered.

That is a small price to pay for mastering a sport that trains your mind just as hard as it trains your body. If you have recently been in a fight, or you have one on the horizon, follow these five tips below to speed up your recovery post-fight:

Drink Water

Water is one of the most vital aspects of recovery. Water helps flush out toxins, regulate temperature and pH balance, and act as the Uber driver for nutrients in your body.

Water also does wonders for muscle pain and tension if you drink enough of it for your body weight.

Take An Ice Bath

By taking an ice bath after your MMA fight, you can quickly reduce muscle swelling and ease your pain. Ice baths have long been used for their healing properties; they instantly reduce inflammation by constricting your blood vessels.

Once you get out of the bath, your blood vessels will dilate again. This process helps to flush away metabolic waste build-up caused during your fight. If you’re unexcited to get into a bath full of ice, you can alternate with cold and hot compresses – the same principle applies.

Get Enough Sleep

You should be getting enough sleep at the best of times, but after a fight, you must ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. Sleep allows your heart to rest and body repair. At Pavel Tsatsouline’s age, sleep is the most vital part of recovery – and he’s one of the best examples of a great fighter.

When you’re asleep, your body can focus on repairing your muscles and keeping your hormone levels balanced – these are vital elements that play an enormous role in your recovery.

Full Body Massage

By booking yourself a full body massage, you’ll help to reduce your post-fight recovery time. Massage with light to medium pressure will help prevent post-fight soreness and help to get the blood flowing back into your tight muscles.

The added blood flow will also help repair any damaged muscles are cells, meaning that your recovery time will be reduced.

Balanced Meals

Good nutrition can enhance your sporting performance. The link between good nutrition and good health is well established – the same goes for faster recovery. Lean proteins like chicken and fish are especially great for your recovery.

Proteins are comprised of amino acids, which act like building blocks for your body. These acids give your muscles what they need to repair and rebuild after a fight or even just an intensive training session.

To End

These tips will help you on your recovery journey. If you need a little extra help, then you can take some anti-inflammatories – as long as they are recommended by your doctor. Rest up – you will feel as good as new in no time!


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