A Guide by Tim Harrison to Help You Place Smart Bets on PFL Fights

A Guide by Tim Harrison to Help You Place Smart Bets on PFL Fights
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Tim Harrison from BetZillion has helped us write this guide by providing minute details about PFL betting. Bettors who are new to the PFL (Professional Fighters League) world can have difficulty understanding how to bet on PFL fights. But worry not because, with our guidance, you will be able to learn everything about PFL betting within just five minutes of reading this guide. 

Before we start, let us brief you on what PFL is exactly. It is simply a mixed American form of martial arts league that developed from an older league called the World Series of Fighting or WSOF. Unlike the other leagues, the PFL league uses no standard rankings whatsoever. Instead, they are more into implementing standing league setups, making the tournament uniquely entertaining. 

Stay hooked to this PFL betting guide until the end to learn about the top PFL bookies, odds, bets available, and strategies from none other than the MMA Scene team!

Popular Bets Available for PFL

There are many PFL betting options that beginners often get confused about which one to pick. So before you start with your PFL betting journey, it is important to learn about the various types of bets available. If you cannot get them right, you will place wrong bets and lose lots of money in the long run. Hence, do not skip this part and read below to know the types of PFL bets you can easily place!

Total or Over/Under Bets

The total or over/under bet is very simple to understand. Here, you need to guess the total number of rounds that will take place in the league. Usually, a PFL fight lasts for around 3 to 5 rounds. Now, if you are placing your bets on 2.5 odds, you are predicting the match to last for more than three rounds. Therefore, you can put this bet only when you feel that the underdog is capable enough to keep fighting with the favorite for three or more rounds. Similarly, if you think that the favorite is super strong and will defeat the underdog within just two rounds, you can place your bets on 1.5 odds. 


One of the most preferred PFL betting options is placing wagers on the moneyline. It is as simple as predicting which fighter is destined to win the match. If you follow the bookies’ moneyline odds, you will see that various bookies have different predictions. However, what matters the most is how you feel about the winning chances of a particular fighter. 

This understanding comes only when you have in-depth knowledge about the PFL match history and fighters. So if you are planning to place your wagers on moneyline bets, do not blindly follow the odds given by the bookies. Instead, do your research, and we are sure you will be at a higher profit!


If you are a skilled gambler, then a parlay bet would be a decent choice. Here, you need to combine multiple bets at once and then place your wager. For instance, you can connect five moneyline wagers of five different matches and then place one stake. If all of your five predictions come right, you will win a huge amount. However, the risk of parlay bets is too much to bear. You can lose all your money even if just one guess goes wrong. So even though this bet is profitable, we would not recommend it unless you are a pro at PFL betting.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are much more interesting than all other bets mentioned above. It allows you to place a wager on various unique aspects like who will be the leading fighter of a specific round, who will win the round, whether or not there will be a draw, the method of victory, etc. However, prop bets are also not recommended for beginners because they need a good understanding of what PFL is and PFL betting trends in the market. 

How Can You Place Your Bets on PFL? Tips and Strategies by MMA Scene

Well, placing your bets on PFL is very easy. But before you delve into the steps, let us warn you that you need to know at least a few basics of the match before placing bets. Otherwise, you can end up losing all your money. Once you have learned properly about the PFL matches and bets, follow the tips aspiringgentleman.com below to place your wager:

  1. First, find your ideal bookie that offers PFL betting opportunities. 
  2. Then check out the competitive odds in various bookies.
  3. Keep track of the PFL score and pay complete attention to the fight. 
  4. Make sure you read all the betting rules and regulations before placing your bet. 
  5. Decide on a betting strategy that you are sure will work for you. Avoid an advanced technique if you are just a beginner.
  6. Do not overspend on PFL betting. You should always manage your bankroll like an expert to avoid debts and gambling addiction. 

PFL Odds Overview

You can easily find the PFL odds of the upcoming matches on various sports betting sites. However, you will not see a huge difference if you compare the PFL odds with the Cage Warrior odds. It is probably because both the matches have more or less the same betting trends over the years. While deciding the odds, the bookmakers consider a few vital data. For instance, they check the fighter’s statistics, form, history, and other essential information that affects their fighting capacity. 

Odds are often given in three major formats- Fractional, American, and Decimal. If you want to choose the correct odds, then learn how to read the different kinds of odds. Remember, the bookies often change the PFL odds depending on the market average. Hence, the odds they show are not 100% correct. That is why it is not wise to follow the odds blindly. Instead, you should predict on your own and place bets accordingly. 

Best Sites for Placing Bets on PFL

Now that you know how to bet on PFL and what PFL odds are, it’s time to choose a secure bookie where you can place your PFL wagers hassle-free. There are many such bookmakers in the market, but not all of them are worth the attention. You need to pick bookies that provide the closest accurate odds. The bookie should also offer a wide range of bonuses and other sports options. The rewards will help you win more, even as a beginner. And in case you get bored of PFL bets, having other sports options to bet on would be great. So without wasting any further, have a look at which PFL betting sites Tim Harrison recommends to you:

  • LVBet
  • FansBet
  • Betway
  • 22Bet
  • Energy Bet


We hope that this PFL betting guide will help you place better future bets on PFL fights. Even though we appreciate you reading the guide until the end, we recommend you gain more knowledge on the subject if you want to place profitable bets. Keep yourself up-to-date about the current PFL betting trends, fighting capability of the fighters, market statistics, etc. 

So when are you planning to place your next PFL bet? We cannot wait to know!


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