Alexander Volkov on Mid-Fight Hair Styling & Post-Fight Beef with Sergei Pavlovich

Alexander Volkov discussed his recent win at UFC Saudi Arabia, including a humorous hair treatment incident, post-fight tension with Sergei Pavlovich over a perceived misunderstanding about their matchup, and expressed disappointment over Pavlovich’s lack of gratitude for past training support.

Alexander Volkov had a lot to talk about after UFC Saudi Arabia. And it wasn’t all about his winning streak.

During his co-main event bout against Sergei Pavlovich in Riyadh on Saturday, Volkov was caught on camera receiving some hair treatment between rounds. Volkov looked like the better fighter for the majority of the contest even without the comb assistance. He eventually went on to capture a convincing unanimous decision win.

There was also some post-fight drama with Pavlovich angrily refusing to shake Volkov’s hand afterward. Pavlovich addressed all aspects of his eventful evening when speaking to the media.

“I grew my hair out a little longer than I usually go into the fight, usually it’s much shorter,” Volkov said via a Russian translator at the evening’s post-fight press conference. “So because of this long hair I was forced to bring with me on the team a special stylist, let’s say a styling coach.”

“He made sure to work hard for his money and I think he really did a great job because nothing was covering my eyes and I was able to work without any trouble.”

Onto more serious matters, Volkov was initially reluctant to talk about the supposed beef with Pavlovich. He suggested that if there’s any misunderstanding between them, it’s primarily on Pavlovich’s side.

“I didn’t think it was a nice thing to do from him,” Volkov said. “I guess he’s mad at me, I’m not really sure why.”

“I would love to figure out why he’s mad at me, but I’m thinking maybe he just misunderstood something and if he didn’t, then I would love to get to the bottom of it. It’s his fault, not mine, I guess.”

“To be honest, this is the first time really that I’ve ever heard Sergei curse because he kind of told me to—well, I’m not going to repeat what he said,” Volkov added.

“But basically, I once in a while allow myself to curse; this is the first time I actually heard him maliciously use curse words in my direction.”

“So if he’s got a problem, then I think it’s probably on his side because I let the situation go and if he’s got a problem,” continued Volkov.

“Then he should be the one initiating the solution.”

Volkov’s Saudi Arabia win now puts him on a four-fight win streak. It’s the first time he’s won that many consecutive UFC fights since joining in 2016.

During that time, he’s trained with Pavlovich several times. So it was somewhat surprising that they were matched up against each other.

Now that there seems to be bad blood… Is Volkov worried about further acts of aggression from Pavlovich?

“If he tries to attack me, I’ll call the cops,” Volkov said when asked how he’ll react if they run into each other at the fighter hotel elevator.

Volkov eventually did his best to clear up the situation. He explained that as far as he knows there was confusion about how their matchup was arranged.

He recalled seeing UFC announce their fight before contracts were officially signed. Claims it’s Pavlovich who knew about it first; later agreed by Volkov’s side.

Speculated that Pavlovich may have assumed it was Volkov who suggested their matchup… Which could be perceived as slighting him.

Though not wanting more drama stirred up… He thinks Pavlovich could stand being more grateful for work done together prior two losses…

Pavlovich went hellacious run through heavyweight division winning six straight fights first round knocking out Curtis Blaydes Tai Tuivasa Derrick Lewis earning interim title shot UFC295 subsequently lost Tom Aspinall

The Lewis fight sticks out most for Volkov claiming invaluable info provided ahead match-up…

“It was him coming our team we coaching helping sharing skills until Lewis fight still training helping…”

“I flew after my Lewis fight copying imitating giving secret weapons…”

“So technically should respectful thankful help provided…”


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