Anthony Hernandez Credits Mario Lopez for Stylish Submission Win Over Roman Lopylov at UFC 298

Anthony Hernandez secured another victory in the UFC 298, earning him the No. 12 spot in the UFC middleweight rankings and increasing his fan base with his celebratory style.

Anthony Hernandez is on a winning streak, and he’s not shy about it. He’s got a grin that’s infectious and a fighting spirit that’s undeniable.

Last Saturday, he claimed another victory in the octagon. He took down Roman Kopylov in the main event of UFC 298. This win propelled Hernandez, also known as “Fluffy,” to the No. 12 spot in the UFC middleweight rankings.

He didn’t just win, he won with style. He was all smiles and celebration as he locked in the fight-ending rear-naked choke.

On “The MMA Hour,” Hernandez shared that his celebration was spontaneous. He spotted a familiar face in the crowd and couldn’t contain his excitement.

“I saw f****** Mario Lopez is there,” he said. He described Lopez as a “cool ass dude” and mentioned they occasionally chit-chat. Seeing Lopez’s excitement fueled his own.

After getting under Kopylov’s chin, he knew he had it. He was talking to Lopez, going wild. It was a blast for him to see the crowd’s reaction.

Hernandez thrives in front of a crowd. He’s not one for trash talk in interviews, but when he fights, that’s when he’s truly himself. He’s all about the game of war, getting in his opponent’s head.

He joined the UFC in 2019 after a 40-second win on “Contender Series.” His early UFC career was rocky, losing two of his first three fights. But since his TKO loss to Kevin Holland at UFC Jacksonville in 2020, he’s been on a roll.

He’s had five consecutive wins, four by stoppage, with two earning Performance of the Night bonuses. At 30, the California native feels like everything is finally falling into place.

“As long as we can stay healthy, I think we’re on the right path,” he said. He believes he can be the best in the world.

He’s faced some setbacks, including the loss of his father. But he’s back on track, focused, and ready to make his run.

Now ranked, Hernandez is close to a title shot in the middleweight division. He’s eager to keep the momentum going.

“In a perfect world, May would be dope,” he said. He’s already back to training and ready for whatever comes next.

He’s ready to take on anyone ahead of him. His goal? To get to the title as quickly as possible.

“I feel like I’ll beat them somehow, and if not, I’ll gas them the f*** out and then strangle them or some s***,” he said, laughing.

Hernandez is ready to show the world what he’s capable of. He’s ready to get that belt and change his kids’ lives.


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