Bo Nickal Accuses Olympic Gold Medalist Jordan Burroughs of Being a Fraud After Wrestling Dispute

UFC middleweight Bo Nickal has criticized Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs for stating he would target an injured opponent’s leg during a match, calling him unprofessional and accusing him of making the event about himself.

UFC middleweight Bo Nickal isn’t mincing words. He’s sticking to his guns, criticizing Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs. This comes after a heated exchange during the NCAA Wrestling Championships.

The drama started with Burroughs’ commentary. He was on the ESPN broadcast, covering Penn State’s Carter Starocci’s fourth title win. Starocci clinched a 2-0 victory in the finals, despite a potentially torn ACL.

Burroughs, speaking to UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier, suggested Starocci’s opponent should exploit the injury. Post-match, Starocci shifted focus to the Olympic wrestling trials in April. He’s set to compete in the same division as Burroughs, who reiterated his stance on Starocci’s injury.

Burroughs didn’t hold back. He said, “I’d love to see him. If him and I meet each other in the bracket, I’m going right for that right leg.”

Nickal, a three-time NCAA champion, took issue with Burroughs’ comments. He called Burroughs “unprofessional” for admitting he’d target Starocci’s injury. Burroughs clapped back on social media, saying, “You punch guys in the face for a living. Shut up.”

Nickal later elaborated on his podcast. His main gripe? Burroughs’ comments about the Olympic trials. Instead of letting Starocci bask in his historic win, Burroughs shifted the spotlight to himself.

Nickal didn’t mince words. “It’s not his moment,” he said. “Why take a guy’s fourth national title and make it about yourself? It just shows his character.”

Nickal went on, “He always tries to act like an ambassador of the sport. Bro, you’re a freaking fraud. You just want to make it about yourself.”

Nickal isn’t looking to patch things up with Burroughs. Especially with the Olympic trials kicking off a week after his UFC 300 fight on April 13. He anticipates crossing paths with Burroughs soon.

Nickal’s message to Burroughs? “Don’t come at our guys and don’t act friendly to me. Because I guarantee you, he’ll try to see me and be like, ‘What’s up Bo, dap it up,’ and be cool. I’m like no, we’re not cool. I don’t really care to be cool with you.”


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