Conor McGregor’s Technique Sharp as Ever Before Michael Chandler Fight, Says Coach

Conor McGregor‘s coach, John Kavanagh, has praised the fighter’s form ahead of his comeback fight against Michael Chandler at UFC 303 on June 28, stating that despite other commitments, McGregor’s passion for martial arts and his ability to compartmentalize have kept him sharp and focused.

Conor McGregor’s back on track. That’s the word from his coach, John Kavanagh. In a chat with SevereMMA, Kavanagh seemed upbeat about McGregor’s form.

The comeback fight? It’s set for UFC 303 on June 28 in Las Vegas. McGregor’s opponent? Michael Chandler. It’s a welterweight bout, and it’s McGregor’s first since July 2021.

McGregor’s been busy, alright. His star power’s opened doors in the entertainment world. He’s been recovering from a broken leg, but fighting’s never far from his mind. Kavanagh’s words? “He’s looking super slick.”

Fighting’s a job for many. For McGregor, it’s different. He’s always thinking about training, sequences, techniques. Even when he’s off filming, they’re always talking about it. Some fighters don’t want to look at shows if they’re not fighting. Not McGregor. He’s back on the mats, sharp as ever.

McGregor’s been in the limelight, too. He starred in Amazon Prime’s “Road House” with Jake Gyllenhaal. The 2024 remake of the 1989 classic got mixed reviews. But it pulled in the viewers, and McGregor was a hot topic.

Kavanagh’s been with McGregor from the start. He’s not worried about McGregor spreading himself too thin. Why? Martial arts is always number one for McGregor. He loves it. It’s fun. Going through paperwork for a property deal? Not so much.

McGregor’s good at compartmentalization. Training’s maybe two one-hour sessions a day. There’s plenty of time for other things. When he’s training, he’s on. When he’s not, he’s focused on whatever else he’s doing.

McGregor’s comeback is a big deal. It’s been almost three years since his last fight. Over four years since his last win. He beat Donald Cerrone at UFC 246 in January 2020. Then he lost a couple to Poirier.

Kavanagh’s prediction for the comeback fight? McGregor won’t waste time reestablishing his reputation. He sees similarities to the Mendes fight. He’d be surprised if it goes two rounds. McGregor hits hard. He’s sharp. There might be a few takedowns, but every round starts on the feet.

What’s next after Chandler? Kavanagh’s not saying. The focus is on winning the upcoming fight. If McGregor loses, Kavanagh doubts it’ll be his last fight. “I don’t think Conor will ever hang it up,” he says. “We have a really big fight coming up, a big challenge. Chandler’s a hell of a competitor and I’m looking forward to that challenge. We’re all looking forward to that challenge.”


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