Dan Hardy Predicts Conor McGregor’s Victory Over Michael Chandler Due to Game Refinement

Veteran analyst Dan Hardy believes Conor McGregor, despite a 35-month injury layoff, will make a successful comeback in his UFC 303 fight against Michael Chandler, citing McGregor’s high-level operating system and history of performing well in big fights.

Dan Hardy has a message for fans: don’t count Conor McGregor out. McGregor’s making a comeback at UFC 303, his first fight after a 35-month injury hiatus. On June 29, he’ll face Michael Chandler, aiming for his second win in almost eight years.

Hardy, a seasoned PFL commentator, is betting on “The Notorious” to beat Chandler. Why? Because McGregor has a history of shining in high-stakes fights.

“I can’t underestimate McGregor’s ability,” Hardy confessed on The MMA Hour. “He’s pulled off some incredible feats in high-pressure moments. He owned the ring in Dublin against [Diego] Brandao. And what he did to [Jose] Aldo? Pure artistry.”

Hardy’s admiration for McGregor’s skills is palpable. “I still remember breaking it down on Inside the Octagon. McGregor’s fight against Eddie Alvarez was a masterclass in deception. He’d throw a jab, lean back, and make Alvarez think he was safe. Then, bam! McGregor would step in and knock him down. That’s high-level stuff. And it’s not something you lose while chilling on a yacht.”

McGregor will be almost 36 when he faces Chandler. But his track record of memorable victories speaks for itself. He’s won three UFC title fights, including a rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 202. However, he’s lost three of his last four fights, including a UFC 264 bout with Dustin Poirier that ended with McGregor’s leg fracture.

Chandler’s no newbie to big challenges. He’s held the Bellator lightweight title thrice and earned two Fight of the Nights in just five UFC appearances. His all-offense style has won him fans, but Hardy worries it could be his downfall.

“Chandler’s not the same guy he was in Bellator,” Hardy said. “If he fights like he did against Sidney Outlaw, poised and waiting for the perfect shot, he can beat anyone. But he’s become reckless lately, and that’s McGregor’s game.”

“McGregor made Aldo reckless and then punished him for it. Chandler comes in reckless. He’s here for a payday and a show. He’s not thinking, ‘I’m going to beat Conor McGregor in this specific way.’ He’s here to fight.”

McGregor’s injury is another factor to consider. His broken leg has kept him out of the ring since July 2021. It could affect him on fight night, but Hardy believes McGregor will find a way to turn it into an advantage.

“I think it might change his approach,” Hardy said. “It might alter his stance a bit. But I also think he’s aware of his vulnerability and will use it to his advantage. He might even use that leg as bait to punish Chandler for attacking it.”


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