Dana White Criticizes Colby Covington’s Performance as Slow & Old at UFC 296

Colby Covington, after a near two-year hiatus, returned to UFC 296 only to suffer a decisive defeat to welterweight champion Leon Edwards, with UFC CEO Dana White attributing Covington’s performance to ring rust and age, while praising Edwards’ successful title defense.

Colby Covington’s comeback at UFC 296 didn’t go as planned. Nearly two years out of the game, and bam! He’s on the losing end against Leon Edwards, the welterweight champ.

He tried to shrug it off, blaming the long break and ring rust. But deep down, he claimed victory, despite the obvious defeat.

Dana White, the UFC’s head honcho, wasn’t buying it. He called out Covington’s “victory” claim. Plus, he had a bone to pick with Colby’s time off, especially as the clock ticked past 30.

White’s take? Time waits for no fighter. At the post-fight presser, he laid it out: “Waiting is never a good idea in this sport.”

“He looked slow tonight,” White continued. Edwards was on fire – fast and fierce. Colby seemed off, outpaced and out-wrestled. And that leg? Edwards wrecked it.

Pressure? Sure, it’s a beast, but White doubted it rattled Covington. The spotlight was just as bright on Edwards, after all.

White saw it clear as day: Covington lost his edge. Edwards capitalized, making him pay for every misstep.

Rumors swirled that the UFC kept Covington on the bench, prepping him for Edwards. White shot that down. “I don’t ever have anybody wait,” he said. In this game, waiting is a risky bet.

Despite Covington’s lackluster performance, White praised Edwards. The champ defended his title again, his unbeaten streak now a whopping 13.

Who’s next for Edwards? White’s lips were sealed. But, he’s toying with the idea of a UK fight – a homecoming for the champ in 2024.

White mused, “It makes a lot of sense to have him fight in England.” Edwards has toppled giants, including Usman and now Covington. White’s respect for him was clear: “He looked incredible tonight.”


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