Daniel Cormier Reacts to Jon Jones Mocking Him in Latest Comments

Despite their longstanding rivalry, former UFC light heavyweight champions Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones continue to trade barbs, with Cormier recently responding to Jones’ jabs during a seminar and Jones potentially extending his fighting career beyond a match with Stipe Miocic.

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones? They’ll never be pals. Their rivalry is one of the most heated in modern MMA. They’ve battled for the UFC light heavyweight title, with Jones winning both times. Well, sort of. The second win was overturned due to a failed drug test.

Their animosity? It’s legendary. Even as things cooled, they couldn’t resist a good jab at each other.

Just recently, Jones was coaching a seminar. He couldn’t resist taking a few light jabs at Cormier. He even mocked the noise Cormier made when he kneed him in the stomach during their second fight.

Cormier didn’t stay quiet. He responded on his YouTube channel. He said, “As I was gone, Jon Jones started making the rounds.” He was referring to Jones’ seminar. Jones had been talking about Cormier’s fighting style and how he exploited it.

Cormier admitted that Jones did a fantastic job of timing knees. But he also pointed out that Jones likes to make fun of him. He said, “People say stuff like, ‘Jones lives rent free in DC’s head!’ What about him?! He’s doing a seminar and he’s doing three things talking about me!”

Cormier gave credit where it was due. He said, “Look, hats off to him and his team for building a great game plan.” But he also pointed out that Jones was also talking about him in public. That’s why he responded.

Cormier didn’t stop there. He returned the favor with some shots at Jones about his heavyweight physique. He also reiterated his compliments to Jones.

Cormier ended his piece on Jones on a positive note. He said, “Initially he said that the Stipe fight would be it. I thought, and so many others, that we need to see him fight against Tom Aspinall.” He expressed hope that Jones was telling the truth.

Cormier believes that Jones still has a lot to offer for the UFC. He said, “He now seems open to that. Now it does not seem like the Stipe fight will be the end of the career.” He believes that Jones can fight for another few years and that there are some big fights out there for him.

Cormier also said, “He also recognizes that there is not fight bigger than the Francis Ngannou fight.” But he’s not sure if that fight will happen. He said, “So I think it might be time for all of us to let go of the idea that we are at some point going to get Jon Jones vs. Francis Ngannou.”

Despite everything, Cormier is excited to see what Jones can do at heavyweight. He said, “He is the greatest light heavyweight of all time, but what does he look like in an extended fight?” He’s looking forward to seeing Jones fight against Stipe Miocic and Tom Aspinall.


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