Darren Till Declines Mike Perry Fight in BKFC, Associates Bare-Knuckle with Career End

Darren Till has stated that he believes he will fight Mike Perry in the future, but not immediately, and he has no plans to fight him in bare-knuckle boxing, instead hoping to return to the UFC at some point.

Darren Till’s got something to say. He reckons he’ll face Mike Perry in the ring someday. But not anytime soon, mind you.

For a year now, there’s been chatter about Till being Perry’s next opponent. Lots of talk, lots of trash, but no fight. Not yet, anyway. Till spilled the beans on The MMA Hour, saying the fight’s not on the horizon.

Perry? Yeah, he’s been running his mouth. “Called me every name under the sun,” says Till. But he’s certain their fight’s inevitable.

Till’s got no problem fighting Perry. But bare-knuckle? Nah, not his thing. “Bare-knuckle’s for when you’re near the end,” he says. “When you don’t mind your face getting busted up.” He’s still young, still fresh. Wants to keep the bare-knuckle for later.

He’s not scared, mind you. He’s just not ready for bare-knuckle yet. He’s thinking boxing, then maybe a UFC comeback. That’s his plan.

Till’s not a fan of BKFC, but Perry’s been killing it there. Since switching to bare-knuckle in 2022, Perry’s been unbeatable. He’s the face of the promotion now. Till admits Perry’s not your typical BKFC fighter, but he’s not impressed by his opponents.

Perry’s not at the end of his career, says Till. “He’s just a big dumbo.” Who’s he been fighting? Eddie Alvarez? Thiago Alves? “They’ve got the brain capacity of a loaf of bread,” Till scoffs.

He does give credit to ‘MVP’ [Michael ‘Venom’ Page], calling him a brilliant fighter. As for Luke [Rockhold], Till’s not sure if he’s a model or a fighter. “He looks good, but he doesn’t really fight good anymore,” Till quips.

Till’s confident in his abilities. “I’m fast and ferocious. I’m too big and strong and clever for Perry. He’s just a big dumbo who walks forward. He’s just a fool.”

Sadly, fans won’t see Till and Perry settling their beef anytime soon. Till’s got a new promoter and will be back in action soon. Not with BKFC, though. They did make him a good offer, but it wasn’t enough.

“Two million? You think I’d turn down two million?” Till laughs when asked about BKFC’s offer. He’s had other offers too, including fights with Logan [Paul], Dillon [Danis]. He’s been patient, waiting for the right deal. And he believes he’s found it.

Till’s last fight was in December 2022, against Dricus du Plessis at UFC 282. He left the UFC with a 6-5-1 record, and a shot at the UFC welterweight title under his belt.


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