Erin Blanchfield Accuses Maycee Barber of Fear to Fight Top-Ranked Opponents

Erin Blanchfield, who is set to headline UFC Atlantic City against Manon Fiorot, has dismissed Maycee Barber‘s comments about her, stating that she is more focused on winning her upcoming fight and potentially facing Alexa Grasso or Valentina Shevchenko.

Erin Blanchfield’s got bigger fish to fry than Maycee Barber. She’s got her sights set on the UFC Atlantic City headline bout against Manon Fiorot. It’s a potential No. 1 contender match, and she’s just days away.

At 24, this flyweight’s got her eyes on the prize. A win could set her up for a face-off with Alexa Grasso or Valentina Shevchenko. So, Barber’s comments? Not really on her radar.

Rewind two years, and Blanchfield was set to fight Barber. But it didn’t happen. Barber dropped out for reasons we still don’t know. Fast forward to now, and Barber’s got six wins under her belt. But Blanchfield? She’s not exactly wowed.

“I was supposed to fight her, but she pulled out,” says Blanchfield. She’s heard rumors that Barber didn’t want to fight Fiorot either. “She talks a lot for someone who’s scared of fighting people at the top. If you’re too scared to fight at this level, you shouldn’t be talking.”

Barber’s recent run has seen her knock out Amanda Ribas and earn five decisions. But until her recent win over Katlyn Cerminara, she hadn’t faced anyone in the UFC’s flyweight top five.

Blanchfield gives credit where it’s due. But she also knows Cerminara was dealing with personal issues and fertility treatments during her year off. So, was Barber really facing Cerminara at her best at UFC 299? Blanchfield’s not so sure.

“Katlyn’s a top-tier fighter, but she took a year off and went through a lot,” Blanchfield says. “I feel like her body and mind weren’t in the right place. Comparing my wins or even Manon’s, we’ve beaten better people.”

Barber’s request to be the backup for the flyweight title fight later this year? Blanchfield finds it laughable. Especially as she’s gearing up to headline a card with Fiorot.

Blanchfield’s got no doubt that the winner of her fight will be ahead of Barber. “She talks a lot for someone who’s not willing to fight people at the top,” says Blanchfield. “She’s talking about filling in for Alexa or Valentina. If I win against Manon, that’s my spot.”

Blanchfield would rather fight for the title. But if the UFC needs her to back up the title fight, she’s game. “I’d totally be down for that,” she says. “They even pay you for that. Why not give yourself the best chance?”

If the timing doesn’t work out, or if waiting for a title shot becomes too much of a delay, Blanchfield’s ready to silence Barber in the cage. She’d be taking a step back in the rankings, but she’s confident she’d dispatch Barber just like she planned to in their original 2021 matchup.

“If neither of us get that backup role, I’d totally fight her,” Blanchfield says. “I know I’d win. I’d solidify my spot. So, I’d totally be down for that.”


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