Free Agent Michael ‘Venom’ Page Considering UFC, Calls PFL Fascinating

Michael “Venom” Page is currently a free agent and has not yet signed with the UFC, but he has expressed interest in potentially joining the organization, although he has not ruled out the possibility of signing with the PFL.

Michael “Venom” Page is currently a free agent and generating buzz in the MMA world. At 36 years old, he has had an impressive career in Bellator, with a 17-2 record and a highlight reel of exciting fights. While Page has not confirmed a move to the UFC, he did acknowledge that he is considering it.
Moving to the UFC would open up fresh matchmaking possibilities for Page, as he has fought almost everyone in Bellator’s 170-pound division. He also mentioned that many of the dream fights he is interested in could potentially happen in the UFC. However, Page has not ruled out other options, such as the PFL, which recently acquired his old stomping ground, Bellator. Despite an affinity for the PFL, Page feels that re-signing with Bellator would be a backstep in his career.
Page has been seen at UFC events recently, leading fans to speculate about a potential agreement between him and the UFC. He met UFC CEO Dana White for the first time at a show in Abu Dhabi, arranged by UFC executive Hunter Campbell. Despite the speculation, Page indicated that nothing has been confirmed yet, but it was encouraging to meet with people who are interested in him.


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