Hottest Female Fighters in MMA

Hottest Female Fighters in MMA
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Gone are the days when mixed martial arts (MMA) was a male-dominated sport. Female fighters have joined the scene and are tearing it up by the look of things. The popularity of Women’s MMA has increased, with not only lethal but incredibly hot fighters competing in sold-out venues and earning big from sponsorships and prize awards. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has promoted women’s MMA fights and made the sport popular.

How Fans Discuss and Admire Their Idols

A robust fan base has emerged with the growth of MMA. Like in every other popular sport, MMA athletes are a common topic on the internet, with dedicated social media accounts, portals, and dating sites providing platforms for fans to discuss their idols. For example, Reddit has a subreddit called mmababes, which discusses hot female MMA fighters. At the same time, countless pages on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram post-WMMA fighters’ photos and discuss them in admiration.

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Hot Ladies from MMA

Here are some of the hottest MMA babes worth your attention for the sport.

  •  Miesha Tate

Also known as Cupcake, Miesha Tate has got it all. She is one of the deadliest but incredibly gorgeous female fighters ever to grace the octagon in the UFC competition. She has a great physique, even at 36 years of age. In 2013, Fitness Gurls Magazine branded her the most attractive woman in MMA. Miesha’s beauty has attracted a lot of eyes, as she boasts one of the biggest followings on Instagram for a female MMA fighter, with 2.1 million followers.

With a UFC record of 19 wins, nine losses, and four wins being by knockouts, she warns that her nickname “Cupcake” should be a constant reminder that she may look feminine or soft, but she can cause serious damage to her opponents.

  • Tecia Torres

Competing in the strawweight division of the UFC, “The Tiny Tornado” is a glamorous girl with a perfect body. Tecia Torres started her martial arts career at five years old and says she ironically got bullied because of her impressive physique in middle school and later as an adult in the UFC. Despite her past body struggles, she is easily regarded as one of the hottest female MMA fighters. 

Tecia Torres is a savage fighter who started practicing taekwondo as a three-year-old and now holds karate and taekwondo black belts. Tecia has a UFC record of 13 wins and six losses.

  • Rachael Ostovich

Rachael Ostovich is a flyweight division fighter in the UFC. Ostovich’s curvaceous but athletic body is just picture-perfect. She resembles a hot model in her normal life, but during her UFC duties, she’s a fierce, well-built fighter in the octagon. Talk about the perfect mixture of heaven and hell! Rachael also has a pretty good MMA career, with a record of four wins and six losses in the UFC.

  • Michelle Waterson

The nickname “Karate Hottie” tells the whole story of Michelle Waterson, a strawweight division fighter in the UFC. Michelle is as hot as they get. Before venturing into UFC, the sexy fighter did some modeling, although she wasn’t as passionate about it as mixed martial arts. She has a pretty symmetric body and a stunning athletic figure.

Aside from her good looks, Michelle Waterson is also a badass fighter. She has a black belt in American Free Style Karate and won her first MMA fight at age 21. She was regarded best atomweight fighter in the world between 2013 and 2014. 

Michelle Waterson’s UFC record currently stands at 18 wins and ten losses.

  •  Angela Hill

Angela “Overkill” Hill is another strawweight division fighter in the UFC. She is a former World Kickboxing Association champion and the first African American ever to fight for UFC. To add to her achievements, Angela Hill is one of the most stunning fighters in the MMA. She has an amazing shredded physique and a natural body that is easy to flaunt and impress on Instagram.

Angel Hill has an MMA record of 15 wins and 12 losses, with five wins being by knockout.


Women’s sports like soccer and basketball have long suffered from less popularity and consequently lack of sponsorship deals, sales from fan tickets, and merchandise. However, women’s mixed martial arts is tremendously evolving and getting the recognition it deserves, with wrestling being the fastest-growing sport in the USA. 

In the course of the growth of MMA, the sport has witnessed some of the hottest athletes, including the retired Ronda Rousey, who contributed a great deal to making the sport popular. MMA is definitely a must-watch if you like seeing a little action and beautiful women.


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