How to Protect Yourself From Illegal Gambling Operators

How to Protect Yourself From Illegal Gambling Operators

Gambling is a way to have fun, go on an adventure, relax, and get relief or escape from stressful situations. If you are playing at True Blue Australian casino, you should not worry about anything. However, gambling can also land you in trouble, especially if visiting illegal operators. 

Many illegal operators will offer incentives such as a no deposit bonus, which appears similar to a legal operator. But, once you accept and begin to play, you either lose your money by the casino becoming inactive or never get to withdraw your winnings no matter what! Thus, many individuals and players continuously ask, how do we protect ourselves? In this article, you will find information on how to protect yourself from illegal gambling operators. 

  • Check for compliance with licensing laws.
  • Always pick the right payment platform.
  • Keep track of your account activity.
  • Keep your gaming devices Clean! 
  • Understand what constitutes a legal gambling operator.

Check for Compliance with Licensing Laws

Every gambling operator has to adhere to specific gambling laws. Thus, many countries have formed and issued operational licenses to worthy gambling houses. Every license is visible on a casino’s website, at the very bottom of the page. However, the appearance of the license does not mean that the casino is safe to play or transact with! Players must verify the license number and organization offering the license. In most instances, websites have a UK license, Malta, Kahnawake, Gibraltar, or Alderney gaming commissions. These are the most popular and widely known jurisdictions where casinos can offer gambling services to the public. 

However, before you invest a dollar on the site, always verify the license number. Also, evaluate all the other certificates present on the website to ensure validity. Every legal casino has many third-party certificates indicating game authenticity, website user-friendliness, and much more! Such a certificate is one from eCOGRA. 

Always Pick the Right Payment Platform

Investing personal time and money in an online casino is an important step for any gambler. However, every step can lead to fraud where the players lose their money. Therefore, identifying a certain payment party that will ensure a safe transaction is important. The compliance with licensing laws in any casino can tell you whether the casino is safe to invest in or not using any payment platform. 

But, people require convenient, fast, and secure means of completing their daily transactions. The payment party must include your selected currency or an internationally recognized currency. Plus, ensuring you can withdraw or make payments using a single method is an added advantage. It makes a player feel safer, and it is more comfortable to use the same payment method. It builds trust and familiarity. 

Also, all payment platforms must employ security features similar to the casino. E-wallets may be the best form of payment as they are fast in both withdrawals and deposits. But the modern digital currencies are taking over the trade, and many players will now use coins such as Bitcoin for their game transactions! Also, it is difficult to hack into crypto as they are both anonymous and secure! 

Keep Track of Your Account Activity 

With the advancement in technology, hacking into important accounts or corporations has become a sport. In the 21st century, the hacking of major corporations has become a normal occurrence. Take the hack on Alibaba back in 2019, YAHOO back in 2013, Facebook in 2019, or Marriott International (Starwood) in 2018. All these had impacts on over 500 million customers and losses going to billions! A simple casino account would not stand a chance against a determined hacker wishing to steal money! 

Thus, players must keep track of their accounts regularly, especially if the account has funds. You can wait a few days or a day and check your account once again. Ensure that you keep check of your passwords. It can be the easiest way for anyone to steal or covet your casino account when you are not online! Many applications can help keep track of your password, especially if you are forgetful. Also, never share essential data on your gaming account with anyone, both online and offline! 

Keep Your Gaming Devices Clean! 

Gambling operators online have several sponsored adverts coming on seeking your input on something or the other. In some cases, the adverts prompt the user to install an app or software. The prompt may come from an unknown source in such a situation, especially if not on the website. When you log into a site, you will find a clear depiction of the casino software download option. There will be no pop-up advert asking you to download software!

Always use the official download source for all your gaming software! If you need to download anti-malware, use the Local Store for android mobile users or Apple Store for Apple Mobile users. These stores validate and ensure the absence of malware from an app or software before selling it to clients. Also, make sure you research the app or software before downloading and installing it. Seek for verifications and online communities who have used the software. Customer support can provide crucial data and information on every aspect of the site! Always insist on understanding the Question – Why do you need to have the software?

Understand What Constitutes a Legal Gambling Operator

Legality is a complex term, especially in the United States, where gambling is legal in some states and illegal in others. Therefore, players must check whether gambling is legal in that specific state or not! The confusion on gambling legality expands due to the two governing laws, including the federal and the county authorities. For instance, in Alabama, gambling is illegal, and owning a slot machine is a crime. However, dog racing is permitted! In others, gambling is legal as long as the operator has a license. 

Players should have all the possibilities of legality in the casino at hand. For instance, if there are current prohibitions, one must know their reach before partaking in an illegal operation. However, if there are exceptions in the indicated laws, one must exploit and explore one chance in a world where gambling may be considered illegal. 


Protecting yourself from illegal gambling is all about having the right knowledge and perception. Knowing what requirements a site must have when providing gambling services can help you as a gambler – navigate and steer you away from illegal operations. Through the same steps, one can have fun gambling, make a little in wins and protect your banking data! Remember, protecting yourself is far better prevention than seeking compensation after a fraudulent act has happened!


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