Ian Machado Garry Declines Rampage Jackson’s Podcast Invite, Jackson Apologizes

A podcast appearance by ex-UFC champ Rampage Jackson led to a public dispute with Irish UFC welterweight Ian Machado Garry, after Jackson made unfounded claims about Garry and his family, leading Garry to cancel his planned appearance on Jackson’s podcast and issue a fiery rebuttal on Instagram.

Ian Machado Garry’s podcast gig took an unexpected turn. It happened during a chat with ex-UFC champ, Rampage Jackson, on The MMA Hour.

Jackson made some bold claims. He said Garry declined an invite to his YouTube podcast, The Jaxxson. The reason? Garry, an Irish UFC welterweight, didn’t want to be the punchline of any jokes.

Jackson didn’t stop there. He dubbed Garry “Ian the cuck”. Then, he turned to MMA Hour host Ariel Helwani, asking about some rumors regarding Garry and his family. Helwani, however, corrected him, stating the claims weren’t true.

Garry didn’t take this lightly. He got wind of Jackson’s comments and fired back. He took to Instagram, expressing his disappointment and canceling his appearance on Jaxxson.

Garry’s Instagram story, captured by Blockasset Sports, was fiery. He addressed Jackson’s comments about him turning down the podcast. “I’ve got the c*** on Monday of fight week. I’ve got him in like four days – I’m on his podcast, and he goes on, and calls me a cuck. ‘Ian the cuck’ – he didn’t even know my name, and he’s like asking Ariel, ‘Does his wife really have a boyfriend?’ No, you thick c***,” Garry ranted.

He continued, “No, because you’re believing absolute bollocks and lies from other people. Imagine running a podcast and not knowing who your next guest was. Imagine being that f****** stupid, and then going on Ariel and speaking about it. Well, I can tell you one thing: You’re definitely not having me on now, because you’re a f****** idiot chatting mad s***. Good luck, take care, I wish you nothing but f****** f*** all.”

Blockasset Sport tweeted about the unexpected beef. They shared Garry’s reaction to Jackson’s comments on Ariel Helwani’s show, just days before Garry was due to appear on Rampage’s podcast.

Jackson, however, didn’t stay quiet. He shot his own video, expressing regret over the mixup with Garry. He clarified his comments were meant in jest. He even managed to take a jab at his upcoming boxing opponent, Shannon Briggs.

“I do feel bad, because he doesn’t know me, he never met me – he probably didn’t even see my fights,” Jackson said. “He doesn’t know my personality, doesn’t know that I’m just joking. But it’s all love, y’all. I love all y’all. Mad respect that gets out there and fights. I’ve got respect and love for everybody but Shannon Briggs. F*** that motherf*****, that chockadee-looking walrus motherf*****.”

Garry was set to face Vicente Luque at UFC 296. Unfortunately, pneumonia forced him to withdraw from the event. He’s now set to face Geoff Neal at UFC 298 later this month.

As for Jackson, he’s gearing up to box Briggs on June 1 in Qatar.


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