Ian Machado Garry Promises to Knock Out Colby Covington in Brutal Showdown

UFC fighter Ian Machado Garry is targeting a match with Colby Covington at UFC 303, expressing his desire to fight Covington due to the latter’s following and the disrespect he has shown towards Garry and his family.

São Paulo is treating Ian Machado Garry well. He’s fresh off his seventh consecutive win in the octagon, having taken down Geoff Neal at UFC 298.

But don’t be fooled. “The Future” has his sights set on a new target. His name? Colby Covington.

Garry spent some time at Tiro Certo Golfe studio in São Paulo. He wasn’t just playing indoor golf. He was teaching it, alongside MMA Fighting’s Guilherme Cruz. Between swings, they chatted about Garry’s next UFC move.

Garry’s got a dream. He wants a face-off with Covington at UFC 303. The event’s set for June 29 in Las Vegas.

“Look,” Garry says, “If Colby’s up for a fight in his backyard tomorrow, I’m there. I’d fly to Miami just to fight him.” He’s not picky about the when or where. He just wants Covington in the octagon.

Covington’s last fight didn’t go so well. He lost to welterweight champ Leon Edwards at UFC 296 in December 2023. It was his third unsuccessful attempt at the undisputed title.

But why Covington? Garry’s got his reasons. He respects Covington’s following and his reputation as a top fighter. But there’s also a personal element. Garry’s got a score to settle over some trash talk about him and his family.

“I’m going to make sure he regrets every word,” Garry says. He’s confident, too. He believes that even the best version of Covington wouldn’t stand a chance against him.

Garry doesn’t mince words. He doesn’t think Covington deserves any respect. His goal? To retire Covington from MMA for good.

Garry, an Irish talent, would love to fight in Brazil. He thinks it’s a possibility, especially now that he’s training at Chute Boxe in São Paulo. But getting Covington to agree to a fight in Brazil? That might be a tall order.

Garry doesn’t think Covington would risk returning to Brazil. Not after the controversy following his win against Demian Maia in São Paulo. But Garry’s still hopeful about fighting in Brazil one day. He even dreams of being the main event, wearing yellow shorts and carrying both the Irish and Brazilian flags.

As for a Garry vs. Covington match? The UFC hasn’t confirmed anything yet. But Garry has a message for the former interim champion.

“You don’t deserve to be here,” Garry says. “You don’t deserve to be at the top of the division. I’m going to retire you. Brazil will be smiling when I knock you unconscious and leave you in a puddle of your own blood. Colby, you’re done. Fala tchau. [Say bye.]”


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