Jon Jones Criticizes Daniel Cormier for Calling Him a Bad Employee

UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones has responded to rival Daniel Cormier’s claim that he is a “bad employee”, stating that his relationship with the UFC is fine and accusing Cormier of being bitter due to Jones’ victories in their previous fights.

Jon Jones has a message for Daniel Cormier. He wants to set the record straight: his relationship with the UFC is A-OK.

Cormier and Jones, long-time rivals, have been at it again. This time, it’s all happening on social media. Cormier called Jones a “bad employee”. This jab was in response to some recently unsealed documents.

These documents? They shed some light on Jones’ rocky relationship with the UFC back in 2014. The UFC heavyweight champ didn’t exactly have the best rapport with the promotion. Lorenzo Fertitta, then-UFC Chairman, even went as far as calling Jones a “scumbag”. Dana White, then-UFC President, didn’t mince words either. His exact words? “F*** that punk.”

Jones didn’t let this slide. He took to social media to clear the air. His main target? Cormier. Jones accused Cormier of being “bitter”. Why? Because Jones had the upper hand in their two-fight light heavyweight championship series.

Jones tweeted, “Never let a ‘bad employee’ beat you up and take everything from you twice. It’ll leave you bitter for a really long time evidently.” He later clarified that he was referring to Cormier and no one else.

Jones and Cormier have a history. Jones won their first meeting at UFC 182 by unanimous decision. He then knocked Cormier out with a head kick in their rematch at UFC 214. However, this victory was later overturned to a no-contest. The reason? Jones tested positive for banned substances.

Fast forward to this past March. Jones made a comeback after a three-year hiatus. He claimed a vacant heavyweight title with a quick submission win over Ciryl Gane at UFC 285. But now, he’s sidelined. He’s dealing with injuries to his chest and elbow.

Jones gave an update on his injuries. He also made it clear that his relationship with the UFC has never been better. He tweeted, “It’s progressing in an amazing way. I have great mobility, not that’s a full strength yet. Honestly, the elbow has been more painful, lots of nerves in there. I’m healing quickly.”

Jones also revealed that he was offered to fight on an event. He tweeted, “I was actually called and offered to fight on the event. The guys said they just wanted to give me the option. We both knew I wouldn’t be ready. My relationship with UFC is better now than it’s ever been.”

Jones understands that his fans want to see him back in action. He tweeted, “There’s a whole generation wanting to see me do it again, I get it.”


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