Jon Jones Rewards Leon Edwards for UFC 296 Victory Over Colby Covington

Jon Jones expressed gratitude towards Leon Edwards for defeating his rival Colby Covington at UFC 296, even offering to gift Edwards a motorcycle as a token of appreciation.

Jon Jones has a reason to thank Leon Edwards. Edwards’ victory at UFC 296 wasn’t just personal triumph; it was a jab at Jones’ nemesis.

Once teammates, Jones and Covington have become bitter rivals. Their feud, filled with barbs and taunts, has played out for all to see. Edwards’ win over Covington gave Jones a reason to celebrate.

Jones expressed his gratitude on Twitter. “Leon Edwards, I couldn’t be happier for you,” he tweeted. His message was clear: he admired Edwards’ performance.

In a playful twist, Jones offered Edwards a Christmas gift. A motorcycle, perhaps? It was his way of saying thanks.

Fans chimed in, suggesting a Harley-Davidson for Edwards. Jones was all in, ready to please.

Jones’ reaction was hardly surprising. He’s been vocal about Covington, even if some tweets mysteriously vanish.

Meanwhile, Jones is healing. A pectoral injury benched him, scrapping a fight with Miocic. Covington claims Jones blocked him from the same event.

In the end, the drama unfolds both in and out of the octagon. And as fighters exchange blows and words, the spectacle continues.


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