Joseph Benavidez vs. Askar Askarov – Fight, Stats, Highlights

Joseph Benavidez and Askar Askarov faced each other in the flyweight bout at UFC 259: Blachowicz vs. Adesanya, which took place on Saturday, March 6, 2021, inside the Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in no audience. There were 15 fights on the card. You can view UFC 259 results and fight bonuses. UFC 259 card gave fight fans all they could ask for.

In the five-round main event, Askar Askarov defeated Joseph Benavidez in round 3 by Decision – Unanimous. Here is what happened in the fight —

Both fighters threw over 244 strikes combined in this fight, 195 of the strikes were significant strikes. Significant strikes refer to all strikes but don’t include small, short strikes in the clinch and on the ground. There were 6 takedown attempts between the two fighters. Let’s look at each fighter’s stats below.

Askar Askarov full fight stats

Askar Askarov was firing at a 40% accuracy, throwing 114 strikes and landing 46. There were 58 significant strikes, 39 of 65 landing to the head, 14 of 18 shots to the body and 5 of 5 leg kicks. Askar Askarov went for 6 takedowns and landed 5.

Strikes Thrown
46 of 114 (40%)
Significant Strikes
58 of 88 (66%)
Head Strikes
Body Strikes
Leg Strikes
5 of 6

The current UFC record over the most significant strikes landed in a single UFC bout is 290.

Let’s take a look at how Askar Askarov did against Joseph Benavidez.

Joseph Benavidez full fight stats

Joseph Benavidez landed 47% of all his strikes. There were 13 of 57 significant strikes to the head, 21 of 41 body shots, and 12 of 16 leg kicks. Joseph Benavidez attempted 0 takedowns and landed 0. Here are all the strikes Joseph Benavidez threw and landed against Askar Askarov.

Strikes Thrown
61 of 130 (47%)
Significant Strikes
71 of 107 (66%)
Head Strikes
Body Strikes
Leg Strikes
0 of 0

Askar Askarov won by Decision – Unanimous. The fight ended in round 3 at 5:00.

Results & Fight Totals

UFC 259
March 6, 2021
Joseph Benavidez vs. Askar Askarov
Askar Askarov
Decision – Unanimous
Fight End
Round 3 at 5:00
Total Strikes Thrown
Significant Strikes Thrown
Total Takedowns Attempted

Did you know: Max Holloway holds a UFC record over the most significant strikes landed in a single UFC match at 290. He also holds a UFC record for the most significant strikes landed in one round at 134. He achieved both records against Brian Ortega during his successful featherweight title defense on December 8, 2018, at UFC 231 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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