Larissa Pacheco on People Seeking Money Following $1 Million Victory Against Kayla Harrison

MMA fighter Larissa Pacheco became a millionaire after winning the 2022 PFL featherweight championship and has since bought a new apartment, her dream car, and paid off her debts.

Larissa Pacheco became a millionaire after defeating Kayla Harrison for the 2022 PFL featherweight championship and knew her life would change. As she stepped out of the cage that night, she mentally prepared for the weight of being champion and the new “friendships” that came with it. Pacheco joked about opening a “Pacheco bank” since many people suddenly appeared asking for money, including distant cousins and long-lost friends from elementary school. However, she seemed unfazed by this, having experienced both highs and lows in her career and learning how to handle similar situations in the past.

The 28-year-old Brazilian MMA fighter decided not to be extravagant with her seven-figure prize winnings. Instead, she purchased a new apartment, her dream car – a Honda Civic, and a car for her wife. She also paid off all her previous debts. Pacheco said that being debt-free makes her more comfortable and helps her training, admitting that she used to always be in debt before fights and had to pay them off afterward.

Pacheco is now preparing for her upcoming fight in the Professional Fighters League (PFL) and is slated to headline PFL 2 against former Bellator champion Julia Budd. Budd is a seasoned veteran with pre-PFL career wins over notable fighters such as Germaine de Randamie and Marloes Coenen. The 145-pound Pacheco promises an aggressive and violent performance for her fans, saying, “When I get in there, I transform into another person. I let out everything I have inside of me, all the resentment in my heart, to come back with the win.” She is ready for whatever her opponent brings to the fight, whether it’s brawling or grappling, and confidently claims that her “knives are sharp everywhere.”


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