Leon Edwards Coach Favors Gilbert Burns Over Belal Muhammad for Next Fight

Leon Edwards‘ head coach, Dave Lovell, prefers Gilbert Burns over Belal Muhammad as the next challenger for Edwards’ UFC welterweight title, despite Muhammad’s strong contention and the uncertainty surrounding the UFC’s decision on the next title shot.

Dave Lovell, head coach to Leon Edwards, is stirring the pot. He’s hinting at a contender for the UFC welterweight title that’s not Belal Muhammad.

“Belal’s earned his spot, right?” Lovell mused on *The MMA Hour*. “But Leon’s journey was tougher. Still, if I could pick, I’d choose Gilbert Burns for Leon, even though Burns had his chances.”

Lovell’s preference for Burns over Muhammad is clear. He feels Burns offers more intrigue. “Leon’s already faced Muhammad, and despite the no-contest, Leon was dominating,” he explained. “But we’re ready for anyone.”

Edwards, at 32, recently defended his title at UFC 296. He’s been unstoppable at 170 pounds, with a winning streak dating back to 2016. His record boasts wins over big names like Usman, Luque, and Diaz.

Muhammad, 35, is also on a hot streak. With 10 unbeaten fights and five straight wins, he’s a formidable force. His victories include Maia, Thompson, and Burns.

Burns, at 37, has had a mixed record lately. Despite a recent loss to Muhammad, Lovell sees him as the ideal challenger for Edwards.

UFC’s Dana White hasn’t confirmed Muhammad as the next title challenger. Lovell admits they’re in the dark. “If it’s Belal, we’re ready. But there are other factors, like pay-per-view appeal,” he said.

Lovell mentioned a potential April bout for Edwards. The UFC has reached out for a fight at UFC 300, which promises to be a landmark event.

“The boss will decide,” Lovell said, referring to Edwards. “He’s in shape and just needs to know his opponent. Then it’s game plan time. He’ll be ready.”


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