Leon Edwards vs Shavkat Rakhmonov Opening Odds Even, Edwards Defeats Belal Muhammad

Opening betting odds suggest Leon Edwards is favored to win a potential rematch against Belal Muhammad, but he faces even odds against undefeated Shavkat Rakhmonov as his next UFC welterweight title challenger.

Leon Edwards, UFC welterweight champ, has the odds out for his next fight. Shavkhat Rakhmonov? He’s seen as a bigger threat than Belal Muhammad. That’s what the bookies say.

BetOnline.ag is stirring the pot. They’ve got Edwards pegged as a hefty favorite in a potential do-over. We’re talking -400, which screams an 80% win probability. Muhammad’s comeback? A +300 underdog. Their first tango? It ended in a no-contest, thanks to an accidental eye poke.

So, you’re feeling lucky and drop a Benjamin on Edwards? You’d only snag $25 if he wins. But betting on Muhammad? That could net you a cool $300.

Now, Rakhmonov’s a different story. The odds paint a picture of a coin flip. Both fighters are deadlocked at -110. Translation? A 52% shot at victory. Bet $100, and you might pocket $91, no matter who you back.

Rakhmonov’s record? Spotless. Eighteen wins, zero losses, and he’s finished nearly all of ’em. His latest stunt? Choking out Stephen Thompson at UFC 296. Now, the MMA crowd’s buzzing. They want him to cut in line ahead of Muhammad.

Edwards, though? He’s keeping mum on who he wants to face next. Rematch with Muhammad? He doesn’t seem too jazzed about it. Dana White, the UFC’s head honcho, is playing it cool too. But Muhammad? He was ready to step in at UFC 296. Edwards ended up schooling Colby Covington instead, defending his title for the second time.

Covington snagged his UFC 296 shot by being the plan B for Edwards’ trilogy with Kamaru Usman. But will Muhammad get the same chance? After UFC 296, he didn’t mince words. He slammed Edwards’ performance and demanded his shot at the title. Will he get it? Only time will tell.


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