Manon Fiorot Demands Title Shot Following Shutout Win Over Erin Blanchfield at UFC Atlantic City

Manon Fiorot defeated Erin Blanchfield in a lopsided UFC Atlantic City main event, marking her seventh straight UFC win and prompting her to call for a chance to become the next UFC champion.

Manon Fiorot? Yeah, she didn’t knock anyone down. But boy, did she deliver a knockout performance. She beat Erin Blanchfield in the UFC Atlantic City main event, and it wasn’t even close.

Fiorot, a French flyweight, stuck to the basics. She showcased a perfectly timed counter-striking attack that left Blanchfield battered and bruised. Five rounds of this, folks. And Fiorot? She was never in any real danger.

In the opening round, Blanchfield tried for a submission. Fiorot, though, was slick. She stuck behind a two-punch combo that had Blanchfield frustrated all night.

The judges? They scored it 50-45 for Fiorot. That’s a shutout. A seventh straight UFC win for Fiorot. After the fight, she made her intentions clear. She wants a shot at the title.

“I fought everyone in the category. I want the title, that’s it,” Fiorot said. She was ready, she said. No surprises, she said. She was happy.

The fight started with Fiorot’s only real mistake. She went for a takedown but left her head in the wrong spot. Blanchfield snatched a guillotine choke. It was tight. Fiorot had to scramble to get back on her feet.

Once there, Fiorot was quick. She used her speed and striking to punish Blanchfield. Blanchfield charged forward, but Fiorot was ready. She picked Blanchfield apart.

Blanchfield tried to close the distance. She couldn’t. Even when she managed a takedown, Fiorot reversed positions. She got back on her feet. She was happy to counter and pop Blanchfield with one or two shots before resetting in the center of the cage.

Fiorot’s approach wasn’t flashy. But it was effective. Her size, reach, and striking kept Blanchfield at bay. Blanchfield had no plan ‘B’.

In the fourth round, Blanchfield got more aggressive. But she couldn’t land much. Her takedowns were ineffective.

Blanchfield’s coaches urged for a finish. She landed her best strike all night with a head kick. But Fiorot didn’t blink. She just kept exchanging on the feet.

Fiorot? She’s undefeated in the UFC. A perfect 7-0 record. The win over Blanchfield puts her in line for a title shot. The only problem? The reigning flyweight champion Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko are coaching the new season of The Ultimate Fighter. A trilogy fight between them is likely in September.

Fiorot could end up waiting for the winner. Will she be happy to stay sidelined for that long? Or will she risk her spot with another fight in 2024? Only time will tell.


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