Matt Brown: Blueprint to Beat Stephen Thompson Learn the strategy to defeat Stephen Thompson, but why some fighters won’t use it

In order to beat Stephen Thompson, Matt Brown believes Shavkat Rakhmonov should avoid standing at a distance and engaging in a striking battle, and instead should close the distance, put pressure on him, and be aggressive.

11 years ago, Matt Brown handed Stephen Thompson his first loss in the UFC and Brown believes his strategy is the best way to beat the welterweight title challenger. He advises Shavkat Rakhmonov to follow the same strategy if he wants to beat Thompson in their upcoming matchup at UFC 296. Brown emphasizes the importance of engaging in a grueling battle and not playing into Thompson’s strengths of creating distance to throw strikes from awkward angles.

Brown reflects on his victory against Thompson in 2012, stating that it was not just about taking Thompson to the ground but also about attacking the dazzling striker and not allowing him to use his signature fighting style. He believes that the blueprint for beating Thompson is to go forward and apply pressure, rather than allowing Thompson to dictate the fight with his striking style. Brown stresses the need for patience and a willingness to engage in a gritty battle in order to defeat Thompson.

With Thompson’s karate background, he excels at throwing strikes from difficult angles and creating distance to work. Brown maintains that trying to out-wrestle Thompson or playing to his strengths would be a recipe for disaster. He warns that if Rakhmonov tries to match Thompson’s style, it could lead to a detrimental outcome. However, he expresses confidence that Rakhmonov will not fall into that trap and will instead close the distance, put pressure on Thompson, and emerge victorious. Brown indicates his personal favoring of Rakhmonov in the upcoming matchup.


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