Matt Brown Dismisses Colby Covington Post-UFC 296, Indifferent to Future Fights

Colby Covington experienced a disastrous week at UFC 296, marked by offensive comments, a disappointing title fight performance, and criticism from both UFC CEO Dana White and fellow fighter Matt Brown, who questioned both Covington’s approach and future in the sport.

Colby Covington’s week? A disaster, plain and simple. UFC 296 was not kind to him.

His words about Leon Edwards‘ father? Harsh, and they echoed through the pre-fight press. Then, his fight—a performance that could only be described as lackluster. Covington’s third shot at the welterweight title slipped through his fingers.

The crowd at T-Mobile Arena? They booed. They booed loud. And Dana White, UFC’s head honcho, didn’t mince words. He called Covington “slow and old.” Not exactly a vote of confidence for the 35-year-old.

But let’s not just pile on Covington. Matt Brown, another UFC welterweight, he’s got a different take. He’s tipping his hat to Edwards. Says we’re not giving Leon enough credit.

Brown’s got a point. Edwards looked sharp, patient, and stuck to his game plan. He didn’t let Covington get a foothold. It wasn’t just a bad night for Colby; Leon was just that good.

Covington’s talk? It was big, all right. But when it came time to step up, he stumbled. And after two years out of the game, some questioned if he even deserved this title shot.

Covington’s brand? It’s loud, it’s brash. His mouth has made him a name. But with that comes a risk. When you fall, you fall hard.

Brown’s blunt. The sport moves fast, and Covington’s hiatus? It didn’t do him any favors. And let’s be real, Brown suggests, we all know who should’ve been fighting instead.

Covington’s career—it’s been a mix. His mouth’s done a lot of the work. Sure, he’s had wins, but standout performances? Few and far between. Except maybe that Robbie Lawler fight.

But those comments? The ones about Edwards’ dad? That’s a line crossed. It’s not just about money or fame. It’s about respect. And who’s going to respect you after something like that?

Even White felt uneasy. Covington’s pre-fight words were meant to rattle Edwards, but they left everyone uncomfortable. And post-fight? No humility, just doubling down.

Brown’s take? You get what you give. Go WWE-style, sure, make your money. But prepare for the fallout. And if you lose, be gracious. Invite the guy to a barbecue, why don’t you?

We’re here to settle scores with fists, not words. And as for Covington’s comments? They’re not winning fights. They’re not winning respect.

Despite the loss, Covington’s not bowing out. He’s already calling out his next opponent. But for Brown? Interest in Covington has waned, both for his in-ring performance and his antics.

Brown’s final thought? Maybe it’s time for Covington to fade away. Perhaps a street fight with Masvidal will settle things once and for all.

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