Matt Brown Slams Critics of Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic

Stipe Miocic and Jon Jones are set to fight in November, with both fighters and commentators like Matt Brown defending the matchup despite criticisms about delays and Miocic’s extended layoff.

Stipe Miocic has made it crystal clear that he’s only interested in returning to fight Jon Jones. All signs point toward that matchup finally happening in November.

Miocic recently argued he’s not holding up the heavyweight division. Ultimately, it’s up to UFC when it comes to matchups.

The same goes for Jones, who caused the delay after suffering a torn pectoral muscle. This injury has kept him out of action for the past year.

Jones still wants Miocic next, aiming to add arguably the greatest heavyweight in UFC history to his résumé. Long-term plans? Not decided yet.

Recently retired UFC welterweight Matt Brown doesn’t understand the criticism aimed at the fight. Given their accomplishments, why all the hate?

“Things move too fast and people want to see the next big thing straight away,” Brown said on the latest episode of The Fighter vs. The Writer. “They’re two legends.”

“They both deserve to fight each other,” Brown continued. “We’re all going to watch it if it happens.”

“All the haters, all the blowback people, they’re all going to f*cking watch it,” he added emphatically.

“That is the right fight to make,” Brown concluded. “It should have happened a year ago, but here we are.”

“Let them have their legend fight,” Brown urged. “They’ve done as much as anybody could imagine them doing in this sport.”

“What else do you want? Let them go out on a legendary fight,” he said passionately.

“Buy the pay-per-view to support them so they make more money,” he suggested. “Let’s move on.”

Perhaps Miocic’s extended layoff is a sticking point.

His last appearance ended in a knockout by Francis Ngannou, costing him the title.

But Miocic won’t be the first champion getting an immediate title shot off a loss.
Israel Adesanya is about to receive that same opportunity after losing badly to Sean Strickland.

Dricus du Plessis will face Adesanya for the middleweight belt at UFC 305 in August.

Numerous past champions have received special consideration like this.

As far as Miocic returning at age 42? Brown thinks age matters less for heavyweights.

“Look, I’m 43,” Brown said. “I feel as good as I ever have.”

“Stipe is a heavyweight; he’ll be fine,” Brown assured.

Randy Couture won his title at an older age.

Heavyweight isn’t about speed or quick reactions.

Jon isn’t slow though; Stipe needs sharp reactions.

For lighter fighters, age would be more problematic.

But heavyweights? Different game entirely.

If Stipe stays healthy and trains well? He’ll do great.

Heavyweight has traditionally been an older division.

Out of current top-15 UFC rankings, Serghei Spivac is youngest at just 29.

Time off might concern Miocic more than age.

Heavyweights need one shot to change everything.

Miocic reclaimed his title with a knockout against Daniel Cormier after losing most of their rematch.

“There’s just not the same speed and reaction thing [at heavyweight],” Brown reiterated.

“You don’t move the same.”

Brown disagrees with criticism that Jones is sullying his reputation by waiting for Miocic instead of facing interim champ Tom Aspinall or another ranked fighter.

Jones believes facing Miocic adds significantly more weight to his résumé than less established fighters.

Like it or not, Jones has earned some say this late in his career.

“I get it,” Brown acknowledged. “People complain Jon isn’t building his résumé at heavyweight.”

“But that’s not Jon’s goal,” he emphasized.

“He did it all at light heavyweight,” Brown noted. Now it’s about legacy fights for Jones.

“I’d love seeing him run through heavyweight,” admitted Brown. “But he doesn’t have to.”

Jones will go down as one of MMA’s greatest regardless of what happens next.

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