Michael Bisping’s Reaction to Nate Diaz Brawl: Age Criticism as Diaz Nears 40 Years Old

Michael Bisping advises Nate Diaz to stop getting into street fights, citing the potential legal, financial, and physical consequences as reasons to hang up his gloves.

Michael Bisping believes that it’s time for Nate Diaz to hang up his street-fighting gloves. Over the weekend, Diaz found himself in controversy when he choked out Logan Paul lookalike Rodney Petersen during a brawl in New Orleans that later went viral. In the aftermath, Petersen showed off a head injury sustained during the altercation and vowed revenge upon Diaz. Bisping points out that things could have been much worse for the Stockton native.

“We know Nate Diaz, he’s gangster, he’s from the streets, he doesn’t take no s***, but literally every time he’s going somewhere these days he’s getting into these kind of altercations,” Bisping said on his YouTube channel. “It must be exhausting. The man is almost 40 years old for crying out loud, but still always getting into s***… Nate Diaz is very, very lucky here, because Rodney, old Rodders, is talking about knocking him the eff out. He could be talking about suing him and all other kinds of trouble that you might find yourself into. Obviously he could go to the police and press criminal charges, that would be one thing. I’m glad that’s not happening, but the old true American thing is the lawsuit. They come after your money, they come after your paper, they come after your hard-earned cash. Nate Diaz has had a tremendous career, earned a lot of money.”

However, just because Petersen may not be pursuing legal action at the moment, it doesn’t mean that Diaz is off the hook. On Monday, the New Orleans police department issued a warrant for Diaz’s arrest on the charge of second-degree battery. In an official statement, Diaz’s representative Zach Rosenfield said Diaz is claiming self-defense and intends to work with the District Attorney to clear up the matter. Should Diaz be convicted, he faces up to eight years in prison and a $2,000 fine. Bisping emphasizes that things could have been much worse for Diaz.

“He’s almost 40 years old. Got to be careful because one day that could catch up with you,” Bisping said. “Remember, a lot of people are carrying guns these days. He could have been stabbed. The guy could have cracked his head as he went down. Fortunately, none of that happened.” Bisping speaks from experience, as he spent a month in prison for participating in a public brawl outside of a bar when he was a young man. He advises Diaz to be more responsible moving forward. “That’s fantastic press,” Bisping said. “There’s no such things as bad press, simple as that. Nate Diaz is the talk of the town, but at his age, I think he should stop doing that. Everywhere he goes there’s altercations.”


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