Michael Chandler Responds to Conor McGregor After Bellator Dublin

The social media feud between Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor continues after their UFC 303 fight was canceled due to McGregor’s broken toe, with Chandler mocking McGregor for attending a Bellator event instead of their scheduled press conference, while Chandler contemplates whether to wait for McGregor’s return or move on.

The war of worlds—and social media posts—between Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor rages on. Their main event for Saturday’s UFC 303 was scratched.

McGregor recently revealed a broken toe as the culprit for his removal from the fight. Shortly after, he posted a meme mocking Chandler, saying the former Bellator champ would still show up at UFC 303 despite not fighting. “Made a commitment,” he quipped.

On Sunday morning, Chandler fired back. McGregor had attended Saturday’s Bellator Dublin event at the 3Arena—the same venue where their press conference was supposed to be held earlier this month.

“Speaking of showing up to events… glad you finally made it to the 3Arena where the press conference was supposed to be [June 3],” Chandler said. “Sweet slippers. Who’s the Bellator Tick now?”

McGregor was there to corner teammate Sinead Kavanagh, who got submitted by Arlene Blencowe in the second round. Afterward, Dan Hardy interviewed McGregor in the cage before Blencowe, and the broadcast kept its focus on McGregor for the rest of the event.

Chandler’s in a tough spot now: Should he wait for McGregor, having been sidelined since his UFC 281 loss to Dustin Poirier in November 2022? Or should he move on from his fellow coach on The Ultimate Fighter’s 2023 season?

McGregor is eyeing a return in August or September. But with the UFC calendar already set, it’s unclear when their fight could be rescheduled.


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