Michael Chandler to Retire Conor McGregor Without a Punch

Michael Chandler suggests he could unofficially retire Conor McGregor by instilling fear and causing him to pull out of their scheduled fight, while also hinting at a potential matchup at UFC 306 and challenging Nate Diaz.

Michael Chandler thinks he might score an unofficial win over Conor McGregor without even throwing a punch.

Chandler and McGregor were supposed to headline UFC 303 last month. But McGregor’s injury delayed his much-anticipated return. There’s hope the fight could be rescheduled for later this year, but nothing’s been confirmed yet.

On Tuesday, the former Bellator champ took to Twitter to engage with fans. He didn’t miss the chance to take some jabs at McGregor. When asked about his strategy for facing McGregor, “Iron” Chandler had an unconventional answer.

“Instill fear… let him pull out of the fight and embarrass himself,” Chandler tweeted. “Be known as the guy who retired McGregor without ever throwing a punch.”

Chandler also hinted that their bout might happen at UFC 306 in September. This event marks the promotion’s debut at Sphere in Las Vegas. He even threw down a challenge to Nate Diaz, another longtime rival of McGregor.

Could this be mind games or just wishful thinking? Only time will tell if Chandler’s words come true.

Stay tuned for more updates on this evolving saga!


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