Mike Perry: Calling Eddie Alvarez ‘Sloppy Seconds’ after Conor McGregor’s Knockout

Mike Perry is preparing for a bare-knuckle fight against Eddie Alvarez and is determined to make it the final fight of Alvarez’s career by inflicting significant damage and winning the “King of Violence” title.

Mike Perry is getting ready for a fight, but it’s not the kind of battle he’s used to. With a perfect 3-0 record, Perry is set to face ex-UFC champion Eddie Alvarez at BKFC 56. Perry anticipates an action-packed showdown, but he has some other plans in mind. “I’ve got to really go after him and put the pain on him and make him feel it. I want to knock him unconscious in front of the crowd and give the people the show they want to see,” said Perry.

Alvarez, at 39, has achieved great success in the UFC and Bellator, with an impressive finishing rate. Perry acknowledges Alvarez’s accolades but believes he got to him a little too late in his career. “I kind of feel like he’s sloppy seconds for me,” Perry said. “I’m going to put that pressure on him, punch him in the face and knock him down. I don’t know how many times he’s going to get up. We’ll see.”

Perry doesn’t see any physical disadvantages against Alvarez, as he will have the size and strength advantage in the fight. Despite being favored to win, Perry doesn’t take anything for granted. “I’m much more of a puncher than he is. I’m much more of a brawler than he is,” said Perry. “I’ll break through his defenses and dismantle Eddie Alvarez.”

Perry is expecting the unexpected in the upcoming fight, but he’s confident that he will deliver a memorable thrashing to Alvarez. “When I do put this power on him, we’ll see if his head breaks up my hands. I think I’m better at punching bare knuckle,” Perry stated. He aims to make the fight look effortless and perfect, hoping to send Alvarez into retirement with a powerful performance.


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