Payton Talbott vs. Nick Aguirre – Fight, Stats, Highlights

In a thrilling matchup at UFC Fight Night: Allen vs. Craig, Payton Talbott emerged victorious over Nick Aguirre “Slick”. The fight ended in the 3rd round, with Payton Talbott securing a submission victory via Rear Naked Choke at 0:58. We have all the stats and details below.

Nick Aguirre vs. Payton Talbott Fight Breakdown

Payton Talbott and Nick Aguirre faced off in a UFC fight this weekend. According to the stats, neither fighter scored any knockdowns during the match. Payton Talbott landed 28 of 53 significant strikes, with a 52% accuracy rate, while Nick Aguirre landed 5 of 12 significant strikes, with a 41% accuracy rate. In terms of total strikes, Talbott connected with 58 of 90 strikes, while Aguirre connected with 18 of 29 strikes.

In terms of takedowns, Talbott attempted 2 takedowns and successfully completed none, giving him a takedown percentage of 0%. Aguirre, on the other hand, attempted 10 takedowns and was successful with 2, giving him a takedown percentage of 20%. Talbott also attempted 1 submission, while Aguirre did not attempt any submissions.

In terms of control time, Talbott had 3 minutes and 25 seconds of control, while Aguirre had 5 minutes and 46 seconds.

Overall, it appears that Talbott had a stronger performance in terms of strikes, while Aguirre had a higher takedown percentage and slightly longer control time. However, without information on the outcome of the fight, such as a winner or any other relevant details, it is difficult to provide a comprehensive analysis of what happened during the match.

Payton Talbott fight stats

Payton Talbott was firing at an impressive 64.44% accuracy, throwing 90 strikes and landing 58. Out of those strikes, 53 were significant, with 28 landing successfully. Talbott targeted the head with 46 strikes, landing 22, while also delivering 4 body shots and 2 leg kicks. Despite attempting 0 takedowns, Talbott’s striking game proved to be dominant in the fight against Nick Aguirre.

Strikes Thrown

58 of 90

Significant Strikes

28 of 53

Head Strikes

22 of 46

Body Strikes
Leg Strikes

0 of 0

Nick Aguirre fight stats

Nick Aguirre was firing at a 62% accuracy, throwing 29 strikes and landing 18. There were 12 significant strikes, with 5 of them landing. Aguirre landed 4 out of 11 shots to the head, 1 shot to the body, and did not attempt any leg kicks. He went for 10 takedowns but only managed to land 2 of them.

Strikes Thrown

18 of 29

Significant Strikes

5 of 12

Head Strikes

4 of 11

Body Strikes
Leg Strikes

2 of 10

Round by Round stats

Let’s take a look at how Payton Talbott did against Nick Aguirre round by round.

Round 1: In the first round, Payton Talbott landed 1 out of 2 significant strikes, with a 50% accuracy. He also connected with 5 out of 7 total strikes. Nick Aguirre, on the other hand, failed to land any significant strikes, going 0 for 3. Talbott showed dominance in this round, with Aguirre unable to find his rhythm.

Round 2: Talbott continued his dominance in the second round, landing 15 out of 29 significant strikes with a 51% accuracy. Aguirre managed to find some success, landing 4 out of 5 significant strikes with an impressive 80% accuracy. Talbott also outperformed Aguirre in total strikes, connecting with 39 out of 57 compared to Aguirre’s 4 out of 5. This round showcased a more competitive exchange between the two fighters.

Round 3: In the final round, Talbott maintained his lead, landing 12 out of 22 significant strikes with a 54% accuracy. Aguirre struggled to find his target, going 1 for 4 in significant strikes. Talbott also outperformed Aguirre in total strikes, connecting with 14 out of 26 compared to Aguirre’s 1 out of 4. Despite Aguirre’s attempts to turn the tide, Talbott showcased his superior striking abilities.

The fight ended in the third round when Talbott secured a submission victory over Aguirre with a rear naked choke. The finish occurred at 0:58 of the round, with Talbott emerging as the victor. The referee for the fight was Mark Smith. Talbott’s dominant performance throughout the fight ultimately led to his submission victory.


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