Sean Strickland Accuses Paulo Costa of Not Signing UFC 302 Contract, Costa Retorts

Sean Strickland and Paulo Costa have differing views about their upcoming UFC 302 bout, with Strickland releasing a video questioning why Costa hasn’t signed his contract, and Costa implying that he has indeed signed for the fight.

Seems like Sean Strickland and Paulo Costa can’t see eye to eye on their UFC 302 bout’s business aspect. It’s a classic case of differing viewpoints.

Now, Costa, the former UFC middleweight champ, took to social media earlier this week. He released a video. In it, he’s questioning why Strickland won’t sign the contract for their five-round contest. The venue? Newark, N.J. The date? June 1.

As for the context, well, it’s Strickland through and through. He doesn’t hold back. He’s questioning Costa’s mindset, especially after his loss to Israel Adesanya. That was back at UFC 253 in September 2020, his only championship opportunity.

Strickland’s got words for Costa. “Do we need to get someone for you to talk to my man?” he asks. He suggests therapy, even though he thinks it’s for weak men. “Let me tell you something, dude, you’re being a weak f*cking man,” he adds. He’s pushing Costa to step up. “Don’t disappoint me, don’t disappoint the fans, let me make you f*cking bleed,” he warns.

After Strickland’s video hit the web, insiders started talking. Multiple people in the know told MMA Fighting that the fight’s still on. It’s set for the UFC’s next pay-per-view event.

Costa didn’t stay silent. He responded to Strickland, hinting that he’s signed the contract for this crucial middleweight bout.

Strickland’s coming back to the ring for the first time since he lost the middleweight title. That was to Dricus du Plessis at UFC 297. It was a super close decision. Costa, on the other hand, fought a month later. He was on the losing side against Robert Whittaker at UFC 298.


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