The Best Educated MMA Fighters


The Best Educated MMA Fighters
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Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a unique form of art that incorporates different and intense fighting styles, including kickboxing, boxing, striking, and martial arts. Many students love fighters due to their popularity, decent earnings, and recognition.

MMA fighting is not just about having strong muscles- some fighters have degrees in various fields too. Some attend college to pursue lower-level education and even earn degrees in engineering and sciences. This article reveals some of the best-educated MMA fighters.

Shane Carwin

Shane may not seem to have academic qualifications because of his looks and passion for MMA. Even if he looks like a club bouncer, he is a very educated and smart guy. He has two degrees in B. A., one in mechanical engineering and the other one in environmental technology. Shane earned his degrees from the Colorado School of Mines and the Western State College, respectively. Besides being successful in the MMA industry, he has also worked as a construction engineer.

Work ethic made him balance his two careers and succeed in both. This is a great lesson for students who desire to excel in their studies while actively participating in the world of sports. Some can find inspiration to write essays on MMA fighters by focusing on the various aspects of the life of Shane Carwin.

Terry Martin

Born and brought up in Chicago, Terry Martin has been in the fighting industry since 2002. Terry got interested in fighting at a young age and he later joined the gang culture group where he got badly injured during a fight. At the age of 15, Martin started to focus on education instead of the fights. He attained a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a further Master’s degree in clinical psychology. Martin loved education, so he later went back to college for a doctorate.

He has had a share of gang fights and street brawls despite his passion for education. Martin’s motto has changed over the years and he can now advise young people in Chicago to focus more on education rather than the gang culture.

Jeff Monson

Popularly known as “Snowman,” Monson has become popular in MMA fighting. He has been part of fighting competitions since 1997 and has been successful, thanks to his qualifications in MMA. Monson has been an MMA master, although this did not work very well. He could have pursued a career in therapy since he had Bachelor’s and Master’s qualifications in psychology.

If you find yourself so overwhelmed with MMA, remember to pursue higher education just like Jeff Monson. The good news is that you can watch the fighting competitions and continue with your studies and college assignments. Thanks to the writers from Edubirdie, who have many years of experience writing for students. Whether you want to write about challenging topics, the professionals are ready to help. They guarantee excellent service, good customer support, and timely completion of essays and assignments.

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Takeya Mizugaki

Takeya Mizugaki got interested in MMA fighting at an early age, having discovered the art while in the university. After earning his Bachelor of arts degree, he proceeded to Kanto Gakuin University for an M.A in Electrical Engineering.

By the time he was joining MMA fighting, Takeya did not have any experience in the field of engineering. He started following his passion for MMA and has since done very well. He is one of the most celebrated Japanese MMA fighters who has participated in the UFC. Takeya was at once on a winning streak within the UFC cage, where he earned a title as a contender.

Dominic Reyes

Dominic is known for his determination to balance between two careers- he put in lots of effort and an excellent work ethic. Reyes has been a title challenger and a great star in the famous UFC. In addition to his exemplary work in MMA fighting, Reyes is well-educated. He joined Stony Brook University for a B.A. in information systems before thinking of following a football career.

After failing to “secure a name” in the big League, Reyes decided to train in MMA, after which he started doing very well. In addition to being a celebrated UFC fighter, Reyes is a full-time employee at Oak Hills, where he works as an IT technician.

Rich Franklin

Rich Franklin was formerly a UFC champion who joined the MMA at the age of 25. Franklin took long to join the industry because he was too busy with his studies- he earned Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a Master’s degree in education. Franklin secured a teaching job for about twelve months before becoming part of the MMA federation. His dedication and success caused the mayor of Cincinnati, naming “Rich Franklin Day,” which is celebrated on February 12 every year.

Franklin’s achievement was made possible by his determination and dedication that went beyond the octagon of MMA. He was also able to contribute to the welfare of society, thanks to his education.


Despite their looks, many MMA fighters have great academic qualifications, including bachelor’s and master’s degrees. They have managed to find a balance between art and their careers, which is a good lesson for young people today. The academic qualifications have enabled them to succeed in various fields even after MMA retirement.

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