Themba Gorimbo Vows Spectacular UFC Vegas 92 Victory to Honor Coach’s Late Mother

UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo is motivated to win his upcoming fight after being scammed out of $5,000 intended for a library project in Zimbabwe and the recent death of his coach’s mother.

Themba Gorimbo’s got a big fight on his hands this Saturday. More than just a fight, really.

He’s squaring off against Ramiz Brahimaj at UFC Vegas 92. It’s the main card, and Gorimbo’s looking to stretch his winning streak to three. But there’s more to it than that.

See, Gorimbo’s got some personal stuff fueling his fire this weekend.

He shared a story with Aaron Bronsteter about a library he was trying to build. Got scammed out of $5,000 by some guy from England who promised to buy his shorts. The guy sent a fake proof of payment, and Gorimbo fell for it.

He’d already bought some stuff for the library, thanks to a guy in Zimbabwe who gave him the money. But then the English guy’s payment didn’t clear. It was all a scam.

Gorimbo lost money, had to pay back the Zimbabwean guy. But he’s not letting it stop him. He’s building that library after this fight, with his own money.

Life’s like that, he says. You learn. Sometimes the lessons cost you.

Gorimbo’s from Zimbabwe. He made a name for himself with a little help from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. After his first UFC win, he revealed he only had $7 in his bank account.

Since then, he’s been working on giving back to his home in Africa. The library was part of that. Despite the setback, Gorimbo, or “The Answer” as he’s known, isn’t backing down.

He’s got big plans for Saturday. He’s going to win, he says. In spectacular fashion. He’s going to get a Performance of the Night bonus. And he’s going to do it all himself.

But there’s more.

His coach’s mother died just hours before the UFC Vegas 92 media day. It hit Gorimbo hard.

He’s going to win for his coach, he says. His coach, who’s been with him for eight weeks, whose mother was sick with cancer. Gorimbo didn’t know it was that bad. He’d planned to go back to South Africa with his coach after the fight, to see his mother.

But she died. Just a few hours ago.

Gorimbo’s going to win for his coach. His coach, who’s given up eight weeks of his life to be with him. He’s been helping Gorimbo with his wrestling and stuff. Gorimbo can’t bring his mother back, but he can win.

And that’s what he’s planning to do.

UFC Vegas 92. This Saturday. UFC Apex. 4 p.m. ET. Be there.


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