Things to Look for Before Buying a Rash Guard

Things to Look for Before Buying a Rash Guard
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A BJJ Rash guard is an athletic compression shirt made of a smooth type of fabric that serves as a second layer of protection for a jiujiteiro, that is why it is one of the most important gear to have in your wardrobe when training jiu jitsu. Jiu jitsu is a contact sport that involves grappling, ground fighting and joint manipulation therefore being prone to scratches, skin infections and abrasions are common. The necessity for more jiu jitsu specific types of rash guard expounded as jiu jitsu became popular, whether it be in a gi or no gi having a quality rash guard is a must. Every year, I noticed that the quality of the best bjj rash guards just keeps getting better and better. More options are available in the market but what do we really need to look for when buying a rash guard? In this article, we listed the things that you need to check in order to make the right choice when buying your rash guard.

  1. Quality Material – If you’re addicted to training you will need a rashguard that is highly durable and can withstand being washed countless times. A rashguard can be thin and lightweight but make sure that there is no thinning of color once it stretches. Most BJJ Rash Guards are made of Nylon-Spandex, Polyester, Lycra or Neoprene.
  2. Seamless construction – A quality BJJ Rash guard should have a double-stitching at the seams to maintain its form over time after being pulled or tugged for a long period of time. It should also have a flatlock seams that will not cause any friction to the skin causing any discomfort. There are Rash Guards that have Gel Panel technology that helps keep it in place while moving in any direction.
  3. Perfect Fit – A BJJ Rash Guard should feel like a second layer of skin that conforms to your every move. It should have a comfortable snug feel without constricting any part of your limbs. 
  4. Moisture Wicking Technology – Perspiration is normal when training but it gets awkward if you’re wearing a top that is soaking wet. Having the latest technology that answers this dilemma is a big plus on my list.
  5. Design – It is a big factor having a rash guard that not only feels good but looks good too. Make sure that the designs are fully sublimated meaning that it will not crack or fade over time. Having a wide variety of designs to choose from is so exciting!


Each rash guard brand will feel different based on its material, muscle compression quality, and breathability. See what suits you best by trying out different fabrics and styles. Using a quality BJJ rash guard while rolling is the best way to find out how it feels on your skin during training. 


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