Top 10 Sponsors in UFC Today

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Any mainstream business looking to target and market to the specific yet wide audience of males between the ages of 18 and 35 might consider sponsoring the UFC. 

Companies realize that their product or service will be seen by millions of devoted MMA fans by affiliating with the UFC. It is a classic example of brand positioning 101, placing a brand with a keen understanding of its client segmentation.

The UFC is the apex of mixed martial arts. The organization is known for marketing and branding itself professionally, and it has definitely attained a significant level of general acceptance. As a result, established companies are no longer reluctant to support a sport that was formerly popularly thought of as “human cock fighting.”

This article seeks to discuss the most significant UFC sponsors. Who is pumping the big money into the sports organization? Well, read on to find out. 


The agreement with was the UFC’s largest move in 2021, surpassing its relationships with Venum, ESPN, and several other reputable sponsors. We are aware of how significant the MMA market is in Latin America, where is a cryptocurrency-based gaming business.

According to the agreement, will host some intriguing, unique material for fans, as well as a “new gaming experience,” as described by Nick Smith, the UFC’s vice president of global partnerships. Considering that Israel Adesanya is a brand ambassador for, the UFC saw the potential to expand with them.

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2. ESPN 

With a $1.5 billion price tag for half a decade of ESPN streaming services on national channels and ESPN+, the UFC contract with ESPN is among the biggest moves in the history of the sport. The agreement covers not just events but also programs, documentaries, and other UFC-related unique content that can only be found on ESPN.

The contract has already been extended until 2025, and it represents the largest win-win for both parties of any sponsorship agreement with UFC.

3. DraftKings

Have you ever engaged in fantasy sports betting or playing? In practically every mainstream sport in the globe, such as the NFL, UEFA Champions League, NBA, MLB, tennis, etc., DraftKings provides you with that option. Now that MMA is included, the platform now has a long-term deal with the UFC.

Even though DraftKings only conducts business in the United States and Canada, it’s still a sizable transaction valued at about $350 million. The agreements will see Live betting odds displayed during the promotion’s activities to enhance fan involvement. Additionally, they want to attract new fans who enjoy experiencing a true sense of immersion in the action.

4. Harley-Davidson 

The deal between the UFC and the Harley-Davidson contract, which began in 2007, has to be the longest deal in the sport’s history. The Harley-Davidson emblem is always visible inside the octagon, and the company is frequently referenced during each show.

Additionally, they are granted permission to charge less for UFC PPV watch parties held at Harley-Davidson showrooms. Additionally, the two businesses collaborate to honor the US military by displaying live UFC matches and army installations across the nation. What benefits does the UFC get in return? Financial benefits!

5. Modelo 

Modelo is currently what Bud Light was to the UFC for four years. They took over from Bud Light as the “official beer brand sponsor of the UFC” in 2017. Like Nemiroff is outside of America, Modelo is the official sponsor of the UFC VIP Experience within the US.

The Modelo brand logo is visible on the canvas at every UFC event, and the deal is bigger than the Bud Light partnership was. Additionally, UFC athletes frequently appear in Modelo ads. Considering the UFC’s inability to collaborate with virtually any other beer manufacturer in the globe due to the express terms of the contract, the deal has to be massive.  However, the organization never disclosed the precise figures. 

6. Love Hemp

One of the most recent agreements signed by the UFC is one with Love Hemp.  Love Hemp produces CBD goods such as edibles, oil, cosmetics, and more.  The company will enjoy exclusive advertising rights via UFC’s physical and digital assets.

Starting in June 2021, the agreement is expected to last for at least five years and it’s worth millions of dollars.

7. Monster Energy 

The Monster agreement is one of the most profitable contracts the UFC has ever signed. For most UFC events over the past six years, the Monster Logo has been displayed directly in the middle of the octagon.

With the new contract, Monster is now the UFC’s official water partner in addition to being the official energy drink partner. The agreement has provided both parties with substantial financial advantages that they will continue to enjoy for many years.

8. TikTok 

The partnership with TikTok might be very significant for the UFC because of how quickly the new social media site is expanding. Over 8 million people follow the official UFC handle on TikTok, and the collaboration between the site and the organization is simply a smart decision for all parties.

The multi-million-dollar agreement will be in effect for a number of years. The UFC is compelled to present exclusive content on TikTok, such as live streaming, behind-the-scenes pictures, fight video, and exclusive fighter interviews. 

9. Nemiroff Vodka 

Nemiroff, a producer of alcoholic beverages in Ukraine, signed a contract with the UFC in 2018, creating the organization’s first-ever “vodka alliance.” The arrangement, according to some reports, is eight figures in value and is expected to last a few years.

Although Nemiroff spent a lot, they received a lot in return. Every octagon features the company’s emblem, and they are referenced in every UFC broadcast. Additionally, they get to be known as the “UFC official vodka partner” and serve as the official sponsor of the UFC VIP Experience outside of the United States.

10. Venum

The largest transaction the UFC has made in recent years has to be the switch from Reebok to Venum as the official apparel supplier. That covers fighting shorts, training supplies, and other items Reebok has offered over the previous six years. Venum is arguably one of the greatest brands in the business and one that just concentrates on combat sports.

The new contract brings about a dramatic shift in the appearance of the official equipment and will significantly increase the fighters’ financial compensation. 


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