UFC Noche Post-Fight Bonuses: Five Fighters Earn an Extra $50,000 for Outstanding Performance

Following Noche UFC, five fighters were awarded an extra $50,000 for “Performance of the Night,” instead of the usual “Fight of the Night” award, with finishers benefiting most from the bonus money.

In the aftermath of Noche UFC, there was a notable absence of the traditional “Fight of the Night” award. However, this didn’t mean there were no additional perks for the fighters, with a sum of $50,000 being distributed amongst five fighters for “Performance of the Night”, despite the lack of the regular fan-favorite category.

As with previous UFC events, those who succeeded in achieving finishes were the ones who reaped the rewards. Their audacious performances and fight-closing maneuvers earned them the lucrative bonus money that was handed out following Saturday’s main event. This took place at T-Mobile Arena located in Las Vegas, marking an exciting end to the much-hyped event.

The list of bonus-winners was then drawn up from the fighter ‘s card, adding up to select the fortunate fighters who walked away richer from their battle in the octagon. This tradition is a commonplace in UFC events, further spurring fighters to not only aim for a win but to put on an exceptional performance in their bouts. Despite the missing “Fight of the Night” category, the Noche UFC event proved to be financially beneficial for the chosen performers.


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